All Dogs Go to Heaven - Season 2

ABC (ended 1998)




Episode Guide

  • 2/28/98
    The next mission for the duo took them to the sewers to help a colony of mice. Toxic smelling paint and other junk was washed down the drains, taking away their freedom of living without anything to worry about. Charlie and Itchy team up with Moxie, a mother mouse in the colony, to crack the case. They follow the drain to Carface and Killer's curio shop, trying to transform new looking toy trains to look like antiques to sell for loads of money. The problem was almost unbearable for Charlie to succeed in, until Anabelle told him that the pollution in the water would someday end up in his dish. That little lecture got him back on the case. Using the mice from the colony, and a stuffed swordfish, the machine was broken, and the toxic paint stopped flowing into the drain. After, the two were now more oblivious to pollution hazards, and tells a Chihuahua and an Old English Sheepdog to pick up after themselves.moreless
  • The Big Fetch
    Episode 12
    Charlie has a dream of him becoming a detective to find out about a cat-scheme back in the 1930's mystery story.
  • Heaven Nose
    Episode 11
    After Charlie lies one too many times, Annabelle steps in to put a stop to it. She uses her heavenly powers to make Charlie's nose grow every time he lies.
  • Sidekicked
    Episode 10
    Itchy is captured by the notorious dogcatcher, J.C. Taggart, and is chained up with Killer. The two manage to escape Taggart's van, and go on the run.
  • The Rexx Files
    Episode 9
    Charlie and Itchy are assigned to guard an unusual jewel.
  • Kibbleland
    Episode 8
    Kibblelands a new game has come out and Charlie decides to try it a hand, but he becomes selfish to not only think of himself and nobody else, not even Sasha. This makes the big step become a serious situations, when Belladonna tricks Sasha into playing the game as a big tornado comes and sucks her into the world of Kibbleland, Charlie and Itchy must find a way to rescue her before she's stuck there forever.moreless
  • Pair-A-Dogs Lost
    Episode 7
    Charlie and Itchy take a trip into the wilderness, hoping to connect with their "inner beasts".
  • Fearless Fido
    Episode 6
    Bess is being threatened by Manfred and wants out of the relationship to be with Itchy. Itchy tries everything to protect her as Manfred makes fun but actually, Charlie saves Bess from being hurt by Manfred. Itchy is later hypnotized by a magician who turns him into a superhero.
  • Miss Guidance
    Episode 5
    Charlie volunteers to go get notes that David's crush, Alex, left in her mom's car. But Sasha must go with Charlie instead of Itchy because he's sick from running around in the rain. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't see women as good partners for this type of thing... looks like it's time for Sasha to show Charlie just what women can do!moreless
  • 10/11/97
    Charlie seems to have overbooked his schedule between a fight with Otto's gang, his Poker buds, and having lunch with Sasha! Charlie's worried, until he, Itchy, and David find a magic multiplying box, that he uses to clone himself to make each appointment! Now Charlie is in triple trouble when each of his clones mess up in their own way during each appointment, ultimately leaving the real Charlie to confront his friends, enemies, and Sasha! Oh, Charlie, what are you going to do?!moreless
  • 10/4/97
    Charlie and Itchy are assigned to return a cat named Dilly to her owner. But when Dilly gets taken in by a dog-hating old lady, Charlie and Itchy must use a Miracle Dog Tag to become cats to rescue her!
  • 9/27/97
    Charlie is dog-tired and needs a vacation. Which is exactly what he manages to convince Itchy into taking. But with so many bad things happening in the city today, Charlie can't even go a block without being someone's Guardian Angel! Will Charlie finally leave the city for a while?
  • La Doggie Vita
    Episode 1

    Charlie and Itchy's new mission is becoming a bit more mysterious, and that they believe that Annabelle has sent them an evil mission, to join Carface and Killer of meat products. Annabelle is outstanding to believe that Belladonna tricked them, and that she wants Charlie to be in her group, but Itchy won't allow it at all. But as he gets captured by Killer and Carface and Belladonna plans on killing him, will Charlie save his best friend from being grounded to pieces.