All Dogs Go to Heaven

ABC (ended 1998)




  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Doggone Truth

  • Many questions are unanswered: What is Killer doing in San Francisco? Why is Itchy on Earth? Didn't he choose to stay in Heaven? Since when does Sasha own a Cafe'? Why is Carface on Earth? He sold his soul to Red and was dragged into Hell with him. Why aren't Charlie and Sasha living with David like they did in the second movie?

  • Nitpick: Where did Killer come from? He was in the first movie, but not in the second, and now he just reappears as Carface's sidekick after over 50 years of seperation? But, no matter what the reason, Killer is one of the only two voice actor carry-overs from the original ADGTH movie. He is voiced by Charles Nelson Reilly in any movie/episode Killer appears in.

  • The video for this has two mistakes on it. They call Anabelle "Arabelle" on the back of it. Also, Charlie's ears are reversed. His bite notch is on the opposite ear!

  • Season 1 All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

  • GOOF: Annabelle claims that the awards most of the dogs received allow them to go back. But in the first movie, she said that no one was allowed to go back. (Reply: It's possible that she meant that no one is allowed to back via their life watches. The awards seen here seem to be a completely different scenario.)

  • In certain scenes of the movie, Annabelle appears in two forms. One is her dog form in heavenly clothing. The other is a more humanoid body with a larger heavenly dress.

  • Goof: A human-like figure is seen blowing and putting back Gabriel's Horn. But only their arms and hands are seen.

  • GOOF: If Charlie liked Flo from the first movie so much, how come he never mentions her in the second movie/tv series? Also, wouldn't she have died in the time between 1939 and 1996?

  • GOOF: How did Itchy live from back in the 1930's when he was an adult already, until 1996? He would've died long before that, considering that dogs age faster than humans.

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