All Grown Up!

Season 4 Episode 10

All Broke Up

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 29, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Tommy's break up

    Personally, I'm glad Tommy and Rachael broke up. Not that I didn't like Rachael, but I'm that this one episode closer to a possible future for Tommy and Kimi. Think about it, obviously Tommy didn't truly love Rachael because he got over her pretty fast. Though I wish he would have made up with the others at the end after apologising
  • Almost as sad as really breaking up....

    Story is simple and boring. Tommy breaks up with Rachael, because she is moving away. Tommy feels like he should feel bad about it but he does not. The rest of the gang however feels like Tommy is only dening his true feelings and treat him differently. Dil tells Tommy to act exactly how his friends want him to act, then they will be so sick of it that they will leave him alone. Tommy does this, but while bowling with the gang he meets a girl and they start to like each other. Then the gang desides to bring Rachael back to Tommy for a visit. Unfortunately, their timing is terrible, because Tommy asked the other girl to come on the same night. In the end, Tommy's friends feel betrayed and Tommy has ruined both relationships (He should be interested in Kimi anyway!). He then starts to morn Rachael's absence, now that she hates him. This episode is sad and will leave you feeling bittersweet. Advice? only watch if you don't like Tommy.
  • a poorly written and out of character episode

    I saw this episode overseas. It hasn not yet aired int the US. in this episode off AGU, Tommy\'s girlfriend, Rachel (Who we meet in RV Having fun yet) has to leave him because she is moving. Tommy is relieved. On the other hand, Phil, Lil and Chuckie think that they are life coach Iyanla Vanzant of The reality TV show \"Starting over\". They think he is hiding his true emotions and try to push it out of him like Iyanla does with some of the women on \"Starting Over\". It annoys Tommy to the point where he just gives in and acts like he\'s upset. That was really annoying. They just should have left Tommy Alone when he said that he was fine the first time. Meanwhile, in Dil\'s world, Dil invented a board game called \"Impatience\". Charloette (Angelica\'s mom) coninces him to market the game even though he doesn\'t want to. My main problem is with this episode is that it was poorly written and out of character. Tommy\'s girl leaves him. he\'s okay with it but the other don\'t think so amd try to help him and Don\'t take no for an answer. That was really out of character.