All Grown Up!

Season 2 Episode 13

Fear of Falling

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Feb 12, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

On a trip to a mountain resort, Tommy develops his first crush on a girl named Olivia, another guest at the lodge. Chuckie becomes a third wheel, and feels alienated when Tommy prefers spending time with Olivia to helping him overcome his fear of heights. With love interests in their lives for the first time, the kids realize that they're growing up.moreless

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    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Tommy Pickles

    Cheryl Chase

    Cheryl Chase

    Angelica C. Pickles

    Dionne Quan

    Dionne Quan

    Kimi Watanabe-Finster

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    Phillip "Phil"/Lillian "Lil"/Betty DeVille

    Michael Bell

    Michael Bell

    Chas Finster/Drew Pickles

    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Charles "Chuckie" Finster

    Hedi Anderson

    Hedi Anderson

    Ashley 'Ash' Perkins

    Guest Star

    Billy West

    Billy West

    Ashley's Dad

    Guest Star

    Mikey Kelly

    Mikey Kelly


    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (6)

      • When the gang is first getting checked in and Angelica is telling the others not to bug her as she will be at the spa the whole time, a bellboy walks by. This bellboy strongly resembles Larry who, often with Steve, worked many different jobs in Rugrats.

      • Dil is seen at the beginning of this episode, however, Tommy says he is sick.

      • When Angelica is on the phone with Daniel, her necklace is moving up and down, even though she is not moving.

      • Tommy sees the sign saying that the ski lift is closed so he can't go up the mounatain to help Chuckie. Chuckie sees the sign saying that it is closed so he can't go down the mountain. Yet you can clearly see the ski lift moving carts up and down the mountain after they both saw the signs reading that the ski lift was closed.

      • Angelica has the chronology all wrong. Olivia kisses Tommy before Daniel almost kisses Angelica and even if they did kiss the hot chocolate on her lips would've ruined it not Tommy!

      • Angelica's red nail polish can only be seen in the scene where she is painting her nails. In the following scene and the rest of the episode, it is gone.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Chuckie: Can I ask you a personal question?
        Phil: Okay, I didn't shower before I got in. But nobody takes that rule seriously.
        Chuckie: Am I the only one who feels weird around Olivia?
        Phil: I don't know about her, but I do feel weird around Tommy when he's around Olivia. She is pretty nice, though. And she didn't cry when I accidentally hit her in the head with a giant snowball.
        Chuckie: That was an accident?
        Phil: Okay, I was totally aiming for her head.

      • Phil: (Looking through binoculars) Man, this baby's so strong, you can make out every pimple on that mountain's butt.
        Tommy: Spoken like a true astronomer. Go ahead, Chuckie, take a look.
        Chuckie: Uh, no thanks. I'm not ready to look my enemy in the face just yet.
        (Tommy stumbles and looks through the binoculars into the ski lodge and gasps)
        Phil: What? You see somebody naked?

      • Chuckie: (On top of the mountain) Oh, boy, this is high. Phase three, my Aunt Martha! More like phase ten!

      • Tommy: You know, Chuckie, it's great hanging with someone you totally gel with, who makes you laugh and is cool.
        Chuckie: Thanks, man. I feel the same way.
        Tommy: You like Olivia, too?
        Chuckie: Oh. I thought you meant... never mind.
        Tommy: I mean, at first I liked her as a friend, but now, I just... like her. And this is where it gets interesting. Olivia tried to kiss me yesterday.
        Chuckie: She did? So, what did you do?
        Tommy: Oh, what any other mature man in the world would do... I smashed a snowball in her face.

      • Chuckie: Another day, another gamble of life and limb.
        Tommy: Ready for phase two?
        Chuckie: Now that you're here. Where's what's-her-name?
        Tommy: It's Olivia.
        Chuckie: I didn't know there was a test.

      • Chuckie: Am I the only one who feels weird around Olivia.
        Phil: I don't know about her, but I do feel weird around Tommy when he's around Olivia. She's pretty nice, though - and she didn't cry when I accidentally hit her in the head with a giant snowball.
        Chuckie: That was an accident?
        Phil: Okay, I was totally aiming for her head.

      • Chuckie: (Skiing) Hey, Tommy, is this right?
        Tommy: Uh, yeah, just keep your skis parallel.
        Chuckie: Got it. You want to walk into town later, check out the giant clock?
        Tommy: Yeah, cool, the town giant.
        Chuckie: Good, and on our way back, I was thinking we could look for road-kill, bring it back to the lounge, and boil it up in the hottub.
        Tommy: Sounds great.

      • Olivia: I have a crazy idea. Why don't you guys play and I'll watch. I'm a little shaky on rules one through two billion and five.
        Tommy: No, that's okay, we can play something else.
        Olivia: You sure? I don't want to ruin your game.
        Tommy: You're not ruining our game.
        Phil: (Whispering) Yes, she is.

      • Olivia: Hey, you're the guy who was spying on me through the telescope.
        Tommy: Spying is such a harsh word. I prefer to think of it as casual surveillance.

      • Angelica: It's been 13 years in the making, but I finally found a guy who's worthy of my first kiss.
        Kimi: You might want to give him the heads up.

      • Chuckie: Come on, Tommy, let's get to the mountain before my right brain tells my left brain this is a bad idea.

      • Chuckie: This is going to be so sweet, you and me hanging out 24/7, having adventures just like back in the day.
        Tommy: Knack that.
        Chuckie: We haven't spent that much time together since we got stuck on your roof for 11 hours. That fateful day I discovered my fear of heights... and gutters.

      • Drew: Oh, it's a business trip. What's your mother going to do, change clothes 16 times a day?
        Angelica: Have a great time. I'll hold down the fort. And don't worry, I wouldn't dream of having any parties while you're gone.
        Drew: Oh, didn't your mom tell you? You're going to the mountains with Stu and the gang.
        Angelica: No, thanks. I'd rather stay here and not have parties.
        Drew: The fresh air will be good for you.
        Angelica: I hate fresh air, and mountains are dirty! I'm not going!
        Drew: There's a spa.
        Angelica: Okay.

      • Chuckie: YOu know, guys, technically there are only four corners of the world.
        Kimi: Yes, but there's always been five of us.
        Phil: Here's a new rule. Let's stop changing the rules before my head explodes.

      • Tommy: My first kiss.

      • Kimi: (Whispering) Wait, if we're all down here, then who's guarding the mountain?
        Phil: Nobody! We're not playing the game! We're hiding from Angelica!
        Angelica: (Riding donkey) He sabotages MY first kiss and then has ONE OF HIS OWN?! I'll find you, Pickles!

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