All Grown Up!

Season 4 Episode 3

In the Family's Way

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 19, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Both Angelica and Susie are out of character in this episode.

    This episode shows that Angelica may be a pampered princess, but as she has shown in the Rugrats episode "Cool Hand Angelica", she is not afraid of a challenge, and her pride keeps her from giving up untill she has met that challege. It also shows Susie Carmichael, the Susie Carmichael, can also be petty and resort to cheating for once in her life. On the plus side for her, however, she also proved to people that she is not the mary-sue they think she is. I like this episode because it shows that not even the worst of people are all bad, and that not even the best of them are all good, either.