All Grown Up!

Season 2 Episode 5

Interview with a Campfire

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Jun 25, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • My favorite movie

    Hilarious and scary
  • Scary.... Good

    I don't get scared easily, but this scared me a little. With Bean turning out to be a ghost, and how most of it was dark... but I LOVED this episode. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes AGU!, Rugrats, horror, mystery or TV in general.
  • An great tv special movie for halloween

    It all start out the gang heading to the mysterous Camp Everwood.Where there is an story as well.About Pinoneers that had been missing.Everyone star's in an musical play of an history of the Pioneers that had disappeared and why they never came back which remain an mystery.Tommy,Phil,Lil,Dil,Chuckie,Bean including the parents Howard,Stu,and Charlottie.They begin to searched for some answers of the pioneers that had been missing.They find themselves in an underground mine.Chuckie begin to solve the mystery.But when looking through the journal.As he looked at the end an picture came out.When they see the picture.They see someone.They see Bean.Who also disappeared.

    In the end after it was over.While watching the film an shot of Bean appeared which became freaky.

    Man! This is some scarey episode! I mean Bean being an ghost that added the twist.Nobody even knew he was ghost! That was an interesting twist!
  • One word: Horror

    This was an excellent episode!

    It had horror, excitement and folk tales.

    The horror was pretty good seeing as at the time they needed to be in a play and the excitement and suspense of Bean.

    The folk tales got this episode started. It started with horror and suspense. Excellent! Then Tommy and the gang head out to see with their curiousity what will happen then they finally reached the cave, what will hold inside?

    Bean then acts all evil and we find out he was a ghost from a long time ago. That was kinda scary. His eyes glowing red and everything.

    Then the group finally heads home. This episode was so scary I can't put it into words, sorry.
  • Tommy and his pals go to a summer camp and meet an eccentric host of people and many weird things occur while they run off.

    This is easily my favorite episodes in the series. There is definitely like four or five spoofs in this even the title but the writers really eased them in very well that i didn't notice any of them except interveiw with a vampire. The intro was really soon though amazingly the writers pulled it off. Weird occurances appear throughout the show. I believe that the strange kid they saw was actually a ghost was a little obvious. You see him in every scene yet he doesn't say a word. That flaw was too obvious which should have been caught while being edited but i'm sure not everyone noticed it. I saw the irony in this that Tommy was struggling to film a horror movie and turns out Bean gave them their horror movie in the end. That was cute-ironic wise.
    This is truly one of the best episodes.9.8/10
  • One of the greatest episode in the series that leaves viewers wanting more; anxiously anticpating for the second part of the episode.

    This episode is one fo the greatest episodes in the series. It includes the elements of Horror, Suspense, Adventure, and Mystery all into one episode. The gang all travel to a haunted camp, unbeknownst to them, where they discover a tale and a secret that the camp holds. Unfotunately, when Tommy lets curiousity get the better of him, he puts the lives of his friends and family in jeopardy when strange things happen-mostly disappearances. This episode is one of the greatest in the series and all All Grown Up fans shouldn't miss it!