All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 11

It's Cupid, Stupid

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Feb 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Lil Q / Cupid

    This is just a hunch but I think Lil Q was an actual cupid. I wish they would have revealed what he could do. Leave it to Dil to make friends with a magical being I'm just sorry he get to know it.
  • An messed up Valentine Day

    It is Valentine's day and so is the dance.Dill meets an new friend name little Q.Who was playing with his little ball.He wanted to test his hit.When he finds out that Angelic likes Sean.So he uses his ball to hit on Sean.Instead of him falling in love with Angelic.He falls in love with Susie! Of course that got Angelic mad that Susie stole her crush.Than Q made an same mistake with Nichole.Instead of her falling in love with Chuckie.She fall in love with Tommy.And Z falling in love with Susie? Yeah Valentine has somehow gotten really strange.Love is strange thing.I don't know if Dill knew that Q was cupid or something.
  • Twists and Turns,Love and Jealousy,Little Romeo and Cupid.

    It's Valntine's Day and everyone has someone they want for a date.

    Tommy wants Chuckie,as friends
    Chuckie wants Nicole
    Angelica wants Sean
    Lil wats everything perffect

    Tommy says he doesn't want Nicole to say yes which give Kimi the wrong idea.For a CRAZY reason Sean doesn't want Angalica(sept Harold,who would).Harold's the DJ though.

    Dil has a new friend,Little Q.he has this Hacky sack with strange powers. Little Q sees how everyone is having Love problems so has a way to help.
    even though he was trying to help it ends out like this-

    Nicole falls in love with Tommy
    Breaks Chuckie's heart and trust
    Sean and Z fall in Love with Susie
    Breaks Kimi&Angelica's hearts

    Tommy doesn't want Nicole,nicole wants him alot,Phil thinks it's funny.Angelica and Kimi start to Hate Susie.Kimi tells Chuckie Tommy does like Nicole.Lil is crazier than usal.Susies tells Chuckie a crush isn't worth losing a friend.

    Little Q starts to lose faith in himself but Dil helps.

    At the Dance,Tommy and Susie are forgiven,so is Susie but it ends good.

    Nicole dances with Chuckie-happy
    Z dances with Kimi-Happy
    Sean dances with Angelica-doesn't quite belive it
    (Lil won't give Phil food)
    Tommy dances with Lil
    Sad Phil dances with Susie
    Dil gets a thank u Cupcake from Little Q,it ends good.

    i like this ep for the mixed up love.
  • This episode is a personal favorite of mine.

    The summary and classification pretty much say it all. I thought this episode was very interesting. The concept alone was enough to make you stop and say "Huh?". It had its serious parts but for the most part, I found this episode to be one of this series' most humorous.
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