All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 11

It's Cupid, Stupid

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Feb 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Twists and Turns,Love and Jealousy,Little Romeo and Cupid.

    It's Valntine's Day and everyone has someone they want for a date.

    Tommy wants Chuckie,as friends
    Chuckie wants Nicole
    Angelica wants Sean
    Lil wats everything perffect

    Tommy says he doesn't want Nicole to say yes which give Kimi the wrong idea.For a CRAZY reason Sean doesn't want Angalica(sept Harold,who would).Harold's the DJ though.

    Dil has a new friend,Little Q.he has this Hacky sack with strange powers. Little Q sees how everyone is having Love problems so has a way to help.
    even though he was trying to help it ends out like this-

    Nicole falls in love with Tommy
    Breaks Chuckie's heart and trust
    Sean and Z fall in Love with Susie
    Breaks Kimi&Angelica's hearts

    Tommy doesn't want Nicole,nicole wants him alot,Phil thinks it's funny.Angelica and Kimi start to Hate Susie.Kimi tells Chuckie Tommy does like Nicole.Lil is crazier than usal.Susies tells Chuckie a crush isn't worth losing a friend.

    Little Q starts to lose faith in himself but Dil helps.

    At the Dance,Tommy and Susie are forgiven,so is Susie but it ends good.

    Nicole dances with Chuckie-happy
    Z dances with Kimi-Happy
    Sean dances with Angelica-doesn't quite belive it
    (Lil won't give Phil food)
    Tommy dances with Lil
    Sad Phil dances with Susie
    Dil gets a thank u Cupcake from Little Q,it ends good.

    i like this ep for the mixed up love.