All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 11

It's Cupid, Stupid

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Feb 14, 2004 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • How does Nicole know Tommy's phone number?

    • Sean asked Susie "who are you going to the dance with," but she answered "no."

    • It is mentioned that Tommy and Chuckie have been best friends for nine years, yet it's not true. In the show, they are all nine years older than they were in the first chapter of Rugrats ("Tommy's First Birthday"), yet in Rugrats, Chuckie said he knew Tommy since he was 8 days old, which means they are friends for almost 10 years, not nine.

    • After Nicole thinks Tommy is taking her to the dance, Lil Q says "dang," but his lips don't move.

    • When Sean is hit by Lil Q's ball at the dance, he doesn't seem to be affected by it, unlike Nicole and Z.

    • When Lil' Q kicks his hacky sack for the first time, and accidentally kicks it into this one boy's lunch, he is covered in pudding and his hair is black. But right before that, his hair was brown. From a different episode, his hair was brown, but during the rest of "It's Cupid, Stupid," it was black. Since he's not a major character, and just a regular student, you don't really catch it.

  • Quotes

    • Sean: Who are you going to the dance with? Do you wanna go with me? Do you wanna go steady? Am I being too pushy?
      Susie: No, no, no, and yes.
      Sean: Got it! A definite maybe!

    • Chuckie: I just wanted to let you know that the same thing that is going on between you, Z, and Susie is going on between me, Tommy, and Nicole, so I know how you feel.
      Kimi: Oh, really? You suddenly realized you have a crush on Z and your best friend is a backstabber?
      Chuckie: Not exactly.

    • Kimi: Is it me, or is it kinda pathetic?
      Susie: I've seen worse… oh wait, that was Angelica, too!

    • Sean: Hey, Angelica…
      Angelica: Dance? Love to!
      Sean: But I don't wanna…
      Angelica: DANCE!

    • Chuckie: I feel like I've emotionally developed since our promise.
      Tommy: You mean since five minutes ago?
      Chuckie: She gave me a nice "hello."

    • Dil: Brownies with blue cheese and sour balls? Tell me I'm not on to something!

    • Tommy: So, I guess it's safe to say that you want to go to the dance with me and Chuck.
      Phil: I don't have to buy you two corsages, do I?

    • Chuckie: I mean, what's the worst the worst that could happen?
      Angelica: Nicole could get a cramp in her side from laughing so hard before turning you down.

    • Phil: Whoa! Sean asked you!
      Angelica: Of course! He... just doesn't know it yet.

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