All Grown Up!

Season 2 Episode 10

Izzy or Isn't He?

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 27, 2004 on Nickelodeon



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    • Chuckie: Why's everyone staring at me like that?
      Dil: Chuckie, you just ran over Izzy.
      Lil: Why couldn't you watch where you were going?
      Phil: That's exactly why we didn't want you to be safety commissioner.
      (Dil runs away and Phil & Lil run after him)
      Tommy: I'd better check on Dil.
      Kimi: I.. I just want to be alone right now.

    • Chuckie: See what I mean? Ever since Izzy happened, no one's paying attention to the safety commissioner race!
      Lil: No, Chuckie, ever since the dawn of time, no one's paid attention to that race.
      Tommy: Why are you so freaked? You can win! I still don't even know who this Amelia is.
      Phil: I wouldn't recognize her if she walked right up to me and loogied on my shoes.

    • Dil: Izzy was the best imaginary friend a kid could ask for, but that's just it. He wasn't real. He was merely a figment of my imagination. The cold hard truth people... I faked it. There never was, never will be an Izzy.
      Girl: Well, duh.
      Boy: The truth, it hurts! It hurts like nails!

    • Chuckie: And this is me as Safety Boy!
      Phil: You really want to advertise the fact that you own tights?

    • Sean: Would it be uncool to admit that I'm going to miss that imaginary freak?
      Justin: Way uncool.
      Sean: Good thing I didn't say it, then.

    • Sean: Dudes, you should be ashamed. It's like when my dad bought me a new goldfish the day after the old one ran away -- uncool.

    • Chuckie: (To Phil & Lil) You guys are voting for me now?
      Lil: No, we're just here for moral support.

    • Chuckie: Uh, a little advice, Dil -- having an imaginary friend after a certain age is something one should keep to one's self.
      Dil: I'm down with that, Safety Boy. I put the "imaginary friend" thing to bed when I was eight. Izzy's my imaginary alien friend.

    • Phil: You're running for what?!
      Chuckie: Safety commissioner.
      Lil: And why are you doing this?
      Chuckie: (Trying to open his locker) My whole life, safety has been like a loony uncle locked away in the attic. It's time I took off the shackles and let him into the good part of the house! I've got pretty good odds, too. The only other candidate is Amelia somebody. She is so quiet, no one knows who she is. (Opens locker door, hits Lil & Phil with it) See, this is just the thing that could easily have been avoided. (Slams locker door on Tommy's thumb)

    • Phil: What? Lil's breath smells like feet? Izzy, that wasn't very nice.

    • Chuckie: As long as I have your attention, I'd like to bring something to your attention.

    • Kimi: It's not like we can take Izzy down.
      Chuckie: So, we'll leave my speech as is and I won't even mention the imaginary jerk.

    • Chuckie: So, you'd rather have an imaginary safety commissioner than a real one... if the real one is me?!
      Phil: Let me put it this way -- If I wanted to pursue a career in... ice dancing, I'd hope you'd be a good enough friend to stop me.

    • Chuckie: See what I mean? Ever since Izzy happened, no one's paying attention to the safety commissioner race!
      Lil: No, Chuckie. Ever since the dawn of time no one's paid attention to that race.

    • Lil: (To Chuckie) I just don't think you'd make a good safety comish.

    • Dil: Would I lie to you, Iz? I love the smell of MSG.
      Lil: Tommy, who is your brother talking to?

    • Girl: (To Chuckie) Can you move out of the way? We can't see Izzy.
      Chuckie: WHO CAN?!

    • Chuckie: (Sadly) Why is eveyone mad at me? (Gains anger) ALL I DID WAS RUIN A STUPID TOWEL! (Echoing) TOWEL! TOWEL!

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