All Grown Up!

Season 4 Episode 11

Petition This!

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 30, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Kimi leads a petition drive to ban cell phones in school. Angelica hoodwinks Chuckie into helping her keep cell phones in school in her petition drive. Kimi gets busted for wanting a cell phone for Christmas.

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  • Flashback

    As Chuckie was trying to find a picture to convince Kimi to bring back the cell phones, he stumbled upon a picture of baby Kimi Watanabe-Finster in a bath.
  • Chuckie vs. Kimi

    I can't believe Chuckie would allow Angelica to manipulate him so easily. If I was him I would have stood by Kimi's side. Personally I agreed with her about kids constantly using their phones in school. Funny thing, it was my mom's idea I get a cell phone while I was in school, I didn't want one at all. But I soon realized that it would be a good idea in case there was an emergency. Anyway I thought it was real funny how Angelica was losing. I especially liked it when Tommy lost it when he confronted Chuckie on not going to the party.moreless
  • In this episode, Kimi wants to make a petition to ban cell phones from the school. Everything is going fine for Kimi until Angelica tricks Chuckie into going on her side to keep the cell phones. Can Chuckie and Kimi patch up their differences?moreless

    I love this episode because it is full of tension (between Chuckie and Kimi) and humor (when Tommy tries to make the family movie for Chuckie, but keeps on falling asleep). Kimi was brilliant in this episode as she stood up for what she believes is right, even if Angelica tried to make things worse for her, making Kimi a great role model for people who want to do petitions on stuff that they believe will benefit the school or neighborhood. I especially loved the surprise ending of this episode, which I will not reveal to you right now. "Petition This" is probably "All Grown Up's" most brilliant episode ever created.moreless
  • Why would Kimi? Why would Chuckie? This epsiode is Fantastic! I love it!

    Why would kimi want cell phones out off school when she wants to have one? Well, I can't believe Angelica hoodwinked Chcukie into helping her keep cells. This episode is my favorite one that's been aired for the first time on nick in November. I wish this episode was on again. I wish all of them aired in Novemeber were reaired. It's just that people love this epsiode. Everyone should see this epsiode because it's the best idea ever in this series. I jsut can't beleive that Chuckie would bust Kimi for wanting cells? This episode is giving more info! I love this episode!moreless
Cheryl Chase

Cheryl Chase

Angelica C. Pickles

Cree Summer

Cree Summer

Susie Carmichael

Dionne Quan

Dionne Quan

Kimi Watanabe-Finster

E. G. Daily

E. G. Daily

Tommy Pickles

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Phillip "Phil"/Lillian "Lil"/Betty DeVille

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Chas Finster

E. G. Daily

E. G. Daily

Laughing Student

Guest Star

Shayna Fox

Shayna Fox

Savannah/Kid #7

Guest Star

Julia Kato

Julia Kato

Kira Finster

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Tommy rolls the tapes, and the image is upside down, Kira's dress is blue. When the image is back to normal, Kira's dress is white.

    • In the movie Tommy made, you can see Kira's and Chazz's wedding. Kira wears a white dress. At the movie Rugrats in Paris, you can see them getting married too, this time Kira is wearing a Kimono.

    • How can Kimi be without a cell phone of her own? She got one as a parting gift at Angelica's birthday along with the other guests in "Lucky 13."

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Kimi: "F" is for the family that you ruined!
      Chuckie: Well, "I" is for the icky way you treated me!
      Chas: (to Kira) It's what we get for sending them to public school.
      Kimi: "N" is for the nincompoop you are!
      Chuckie: "S" is for the sister that you're not!

    • Tommy: Word on the grapevine is you and Kimi aren't going to the anniversary party.
      Chuckie: The grapevine would be correct.
      Tommy: Well, if you think you're not gonna show, think again, my friend! I haven't stayed up night and day for a week just so this movie could play to an empty room!

    • Kimi: That's it, I'm calling it. This debate is over!
      Chuckie: Hey, it's not over till I say it's over!
      (Kimi turns around)
      Chuckie: Eh, okay, it's over.

    • Kimi: Okay, okay. I admit it. But I wanted the cell phone before I didn't want it.

    • Dil: The anti-cell numbers are down. Way down! Falling-off-the-charts-down, like they're wearing iron pants down!
      Susie: We get the point!

    • Chuckie: And in conclusion, let me just say…
      Angelica: Hold up cell phone!
      Chuckie: Hold up cell phone!
      Angelica: No, you hold up the cell phone!

    • Chuckie: But what if we get caught? I don't think I can live down that kind of humliation.
      Angelica: You live it down all the time!
      Chuckie: Good point.

    • Angelica: (eats one of Kimi's cookies) Ugh, food poisoning!
      Kimi: There's nothing wrong with these cookies! I baked them myself!
      Angelica: It's trichinosis, I tell you!
      Susie: You get that from undercooked pork.
      Angelica: Oh. Salmonella!
      Susie: Eggs.
      Angelica: Botulism?
      Susie: Dirt.
      Angelica: The opposition's trying to poison me!

    • Chuckie: I thought the point was not to distinguish myself. To be who I am.
      Angelica: You mean a loser?

    • Angelica: Word of warning, my friend: unless you take a stand now, someday soon you'll find yourself standing outside her dressing room, holding a bra for her to try on. By then it'll be too late to step out of her shadow.
      Chuckie: A bra?!

    • Angelica: Apathy is a vote! Whatever that means…

    • Angelica: You!
      Kid: Huh?
      Angelica: Sign this petition before my life... uh, I mean, our lives our ruined.
      Kid: No way. You still owe me for the homework I let you copy back in sixth grade.
      Angelica: So let it go already!

    • Red-headed Girl: (said often through the episode) Now can you hear me?

    • Kimi: "N" is for... knock it off, already!
      Chuckie: Call me crazy, but doesn't "knock" start with a "K"?

    • Kimi: Yeah, when you aren't using those cold, dead hands to hang your dirty tighty-whiteys on the bathroom doorknob!
      Chuckie: Once! I did it once!
      Phil: I thought this was about cell phones, not dirty tighty-whiteys hanging off of doorknobs. Which, by the way, I am for.
      Lil: Ew!

  • NOTES (2)


    • The scene where baby Kimi Watanabe-Finster was sitting on the potty was actually in reference to another Rugrats episode.

    • In the first scene, "Now can you hear me?" is said multiple times. This is a reference to "Can you hear me now?" on the Verizon wireless commercials.