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  • bad fanfiction

    To me it is like bad fanfiction on the screen not a bad as preschool daze which primary problem there was animation. Back to all grown up the kids look fine not sure any act there age. And here's the thing if Angelica is 13 it makes it weird. Because in orginal Angelica was 3 in 1/2 and 4 yeah I remember that 4th birthday. So lets run with this Angelica being 13 so let me just list something here so keep track so 6 and 7 in 1st 7 and 8 in 2nd 8 and 9 in 3rd 9 and 10 in 4th 10 and 11 in 5th. 11 and 12 in 6th 12 and 13 in 7th. So Angelica at just 13 just note rugrats live in California so I am right kn school ages Angelica would be in 7th grade. Would 12 in 1/2 year old Suzy be in 6th or 7th. I know depends on birthday a fact I don't have now Chucky at 12 most likely would be in 6th. Kimi was 20 months when Chucky was 2 1/2. So Kimi is roughly 11 1/2. She maybe in 5th but may be jn 6th. The twins would be just 11 so definitely 5th graders. See the thing is Tommy would be 10 1/2 he could be im 4th or 5th gradem that would make Dil 9 most likely a 3rd grader. Makeing Angelica 13 1/2 or 14 solves so many problems. There are many other insconsitencies. I do partially blame orginal writers for some of weird questions as perhaps been simpler if twins where just 1 few days before Tommy. Make Chuckie and Kimi as they seem to be like 9 months apart when introduce Kimi have her be 2. Idk about Suzy. But there are so many things in all grown up that don't add up. Kimmi's tude when Chucky was asking about her family project. And also kind of crazy to jump from babies to preteens/teens as while Suzy should be 12 1/2 in all grown up they imply same age as Angelica.
  • Superb

    Love it so much.
  • A great spin-off, but it wasn't all like Rugrats for me. I didn't grow a liking for it like I did with Rugrats.

    It was a very well done spin-off, I'll admit But it took all of the magic out of the Rugrats and it wasn't as unique, or lovable. You wouldn't think of the Rugrats anymore, that's what happened with me anyway.
  • love it

    I love both all grown up and rugrats to bad this show dosen't have much love then rugrats. My guess the reason why some people do not like it because they are teens and not babies any more.
  • All Grown Up!

    Really good spinoff to the Rugrats
  • the future have too come

    hi all im jaafar from iraq im here too tell you nickelodeon is getting old and it will end the cartoon network is know the best channel hahaha (evil)
  • An amazing show

    I prefer All Grown Up to the Original Rugrats they're both good shows but All Grown Up is so much better.

    I totally recommend it I used to watch it when it was on. I'm 13 now and I've just started watching it again. Arlene Klasky said in an interview at Comic-con Her and Gabor had so much fun and have so many memories making Rugrats, All Grown Up! And The Wild Thornberrys and are happy enough to bring Rugrats and All Grown Up! Back to our screens and even stated if it goes well will make another Rugrats movie or even an All Grown Up! Movie. Let's Just Hope they do
  • great cartoon

    one of nicks best cartoons it should be on nick now its better then nicks new cartoons sanjay and craig

  • Okay, but not the same

    I liked the original Rugrats better vs this show. I`m not saying this is a bad show but I think the original one set the bar at the max. This show does try to be good but I think a 6.5 is fair enough for this show in my personal opinion.
  • I love this show, why negative comments?

    I love this show, even now. All the negative comments, not just on this website, are about how they changed from Rugrats. Well, think how much your personality's changed since you were 1!

    I really think they should do more about Phil and Wally though. Wally appeared in two episodes, in one she hated Phil, in the other she loved him. (The Big Score and A Deville House But, to me this show was amazing. I love Rugrats too, noone she hate either one since they are the same. I really don't understand your negativity.

    Phil was always my favourite character in the Rugrats episodes, and All Grown Up!. I just wish they put All Grown Up! back on TV and not just Rugrats on NickJR. Bring All Grown Up! back! :) :) :) :)
  • cool!


  • Ummmm

    I do really love this show. However though after season 1, the characters changed a lot. Tommy is the only one responsible. Chuckie was still a scaredy cat, now he's a rebel. Phil was smart, now he's frickin' brain dead. Lil was okay now she's always complaining. Kimi was nice now she's a jerk. Angelica is still a jerk. Susie is still really nice. And dil brings the humor to the show. I only like tommy dil and Susie. I hate chuckie Kimi Phil lil and Angelica. However though it's still really good.
  • wow22


    this show has no choice but to be in the last
  • Not Everything Needs a Spinoff

    Lemme say this: Rugrats was so much better. It was more unique, and creative, but this is about a bunch of (what?) 11 year old kids running around doing boring things and worrying about school. I need a break from school.

    Like my title says, Rugrats didn't need a spinoff. This show ruins the whole thing for me. I've tried watching it a couple times, but I always get bored.

    Oh, yes, and what happened to Lil being a tomboy? Noe she goes around wearing girly hats and pink clothes. I miss her being a tomboy, like me. It'd be unique for someone her age. Not many teenagers are tomboys.
  • While it could be a bit funny at times,it really kills the original Rugrats

    As a kid,I loved the Rugrats. However,after one episode of showing what they looked like when they grew up,the creators thought it was a great idea to turn THAT into a series. And as a result,we get a mediocre spin-off known as All Grown Up, The show is about Tommy,Chuckie,Phill,Lil,Angelica,Susie,Dil and Kimi older than they usual all,going through life,. Now,this show is NOTHING like the original Rugrats. None of the characters act like their usual selves. Tommy is now a stereotypical kid who's just boring. Chuckie is just a idiotic freak who is a coward,and is now a complete nerd. Phill and Lil are not gross anymore,(well at least Phill has a bit of disgustingness inside him). Kimi is just like Tommy,and somehow has a pink mohawk. Angelica is by far the WORST character of the entire show. She's more bratty than she is before,doesn't care about the others,trys to outwit others on being popular,and only loves her parents because of her Mom's credit card. The adults are now boring,especially Didi,who is now a soccermom. Susie and Dil are the only good characters. Susie acts the same,while Dil adds humor to the show. The animation remains the same,and the show could be funny at times. The plots are also very dull. I mean,most of them are about stereotypical things,like growing up to be 13,or breaking up,but seriously,is this Rugrats or Degrassi? But overall,All Grown Up is underrated,but still kills the original Rugrats.
  • All grown up

    i don't really get all the negative comments I actually enjoyed this show
  • Sucks...

    Take the cacky teen show format and mix it with Rugrats and you end up with pure garbage. What a suprise!! Seriously, if the people at Klasky Csupo thought that this idea was good then they must have all been on drugs whilst making it. Rugrats had already went on way past it's prime so why make a spin off!? What's the logic in that. I guess Nick were just desperate for money and seeing as Rugrats had been their most profitable show so they thought to make a new show where The Rugrats are now nearly teenagers. If there is something I hate it's half-assed, money grabbing spin off shows. My words of advice? Stay well away from "All Grown Up"!
  • Compared to the originals.... this is poor.

    Ah, Rugrats. One of those shows from the 90's that you just never forget. It was about a group of toddlers who went on all sorts of crazy misadventures, while simultaneously being completely oblivious to the ways of the world. Those were the days, right? Well, you can only imagine how excited I was when it was announced that the show was being continued! Yeah, I couldn't wait! Only to find out, everyone was about 9 years older.

    ........ What.

    Okay, umm...... who's bright idea was this? I mean, really. You go from a nice little show about kids who spend their lives exploring, imagining and all that good crap, to a show about preteens who experience normal, real life situations. I'm sorry, but that's NO GOOD.

    But MetalCake25, just because the show's different, that doesn't mean it's not good! Well, I can go ahead and say that's not the case here. Why? It's too bland! Due to the jump in age for the characters, you don't get the same atmosphere or situations that were enjoyed in the previous iteration of the series. Instead, we're treated to the same darn thing that you see in most preteen sitcoms. Yep, that's right, everything that you love about those dramedy series can be found in here! Gee, thanks Nickelodeon! Now, not only can I watch live action dramedy shows, I can watch animated dramedy shows, too! I feel so grateful!

    Okay, enough of the sarcastic tones. Let's dissect this show some more.

    In terms of animation, it's nothing special. It's kind of insipid, really. You'd think that a show that succeeds another that started out from the 90's, it'd look spectacular, but there's really nothing new. The art style is lame, I don't even know what they were going for with this. It's like they tried to mix the style of Rugrats with some action cartoon or something. For example, Tommy's hair looks like some purple variant of that of a Super Saiyan. You get the idea.

    The voice acting is actually not that bad. The characters at least sound like they're older versions of their past selves. So, I guess it's decent.

    The humor is...... not good. As I mentioned before, the major change really screwed up a lot of things, and the humor portion definitely took one of the largest hits. It's boring, lifeless, and just all around not properly executed. Seriously, the preteen direction does NOT work with Rugrats. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but I can't stress it enough. But, let's just not compare this show to Rugrats for a minute. Let's compare it to shows that have main characters with similar ages, like Ed, Edd n' Eddy or something along the lines of that. Those characters sometimes go through similar situations seen in this show, even though they may be blown out of proportion or unrealistic. However, they can still be hilarious with it, all while maintaining those sort of plots. This show doesn't do that. It doesn't even try to do that. I don't know what to say other than the fact that it's just not very funny.

    I believe I've ranted on the plots of the show enough, so I'll just leave that as it is.

    The characters, as I've mentioned before, are not the same. Long gone are the curious and clueless personalities of the characters. Now present are these stereotypical, bland personalities. Well, I'll say that some of the characters aren't completely changed: Chuckie is still timid and Angelica is still bossy. Everyone else? You wouldn't think they're the same character as before.

    In terms of sound, it's actually pretty much the same stuff from the original series. Yeah, there's more modern tunes here and there, but nothing drastic.

    Well, I'm pretty much done here. This show completely destroyed Rugrats. Why couldn't they have just kept that show cancelled and never look back? Obviously, it didn't work out. This show is so forgettable, and really, it shouldn't be watched by anyone who enjoyed the original series. But I guess I should look on the bright side: at least there wasn't an ADULT spin-off. Yeah, I guess that's good.... unless the creator of this show is reading this.

  • All watered down.

    I'll tell you why.

    Plot: It's the grown up version of the Rugrats. Now they are in school, making adolescent stuff, and going out. They risked to make a grown-up Rugrats. They failed.

    Characters: They've gone bland and boring. Unlike their uniqueness back then. Voice acting didn't change.

    Humor: Less funny, more blandness. So watered down. The only funny thing in here is Angelina being in a world of mishap.

    Art: Nothing changed.

    Overall: 3. This is just too bland. They risked for nothing and they failed. This show is very boring.
  • I like the original Rugrats better.

    I've watch the original Rugrats and they were adorable and funny. I first watched the pilot back in 2001 and I was disappointed in the change of one or two of the characters. To this day, I'm no longer paying attention to the way they're drawn, but it's still disappointing when they loose their cuteness from the originals. They're not as funny as they were whey they were smaller. Yep. This totally ruined the Rugrats style. R.I.P. Rugrats 1991-2003.
  • Boring! The Rugrats Were so much better!

    My Remake of my 35th review because it got deleted. (I'm getting tired of my reviews getting deleted for no reason.)

    What the Heck is this crud? Rugrats grown up? talk about Unoriginal. It's not anything like the originals and the chracthers hair is screwed up and plus I bet they liked and showed this crud more then they showed the Original, Rugrats! It's ALL dil and Kimi's Fault! Thanks a lot! Losers! You ruined our beloved classic by messing up a good formula and ruining it by growing them up! It's just about the Babies grown up into Pre-teens, They hand out at school adn do a bunch of teen things. That's Boring! that's one of the reasons why I HATE Amercian Cartoons, and everyone will like Japanese Animes and Mangas instead. Japanese Animes and Mangas are Top Animation style!! This cartoon gets a E for ruining our Beloved Classic, Rugrats. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: B 7.0/10.0 Solid, High Quatily and Decent.

    Animation: D-- 4.0/10.0 Very Poor, Hideously Bright colors painted on the chracthers and crummy hair styles!

    Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Poor Drawn, Poor Pixeled, and Poor Building Design.

    Sound: F 3.0/10.0 Horrible Soundtrack. The RUgrats as teens sure don't know how to rock n roll! Nick was on Drugs back then in 2003 and they are on drugs today as of 2008, because they replacing all our good shows with new Unoriginal trash!

    Dialouge: F- 2.0/10.0 Worse then the sound, The Scripts are too Sissy, and Girly.

    Lasting Appeal: E- 3.5/10.0 There is a bad lasting appeal because it gets boring after the first 5 minutes.

    Overall: E 3.0/10.0 Nick must be on something when they thoughted of growing up the rugrats, they should have NEVER done that. Our beloved classic is runined by Dil and Kimi and THIS! I'm glad this spin-off got the can, Otherwise I would STILL be screaming.
  • I really like this show...

    I am in the same way as Kimokiko. I am sixteen, and I love this show. Of course, I started watching it when I was eight, but I haven't stopped liking it now. There are only a few things which stop me from giving a 10: 1, the characters act way older than they are. I mean, Kimi is supposed to be ten, but she acts 16. They all look older too. Would you let your 11 year old wander around town by themselves? Also, the characters are not very similar to their original characters. I don't know why the first one bothers me, but I know why this one does. These are supposed to be the same as the original characters from Rugrats, but they don't act like the characters. But if you take it as it is, without comparison to all your beloved childhood memories of Rugrats (which is and always will be the better show), it's a pretty good show.
  • This is how you ruin a great show.

    Now,I love the Rugrats,and I honstly didn't think Kimi and Dil ruin the show,they just made it better. (I didn't hate the original episodes,I loved them,but what I mean by that is that I like the new ones better) Don't take that seriously. However,this show came in and ruined everything the Rugrats had. This show is about the Rugrats as teenagers. Now,never make a spin-off with the characters as teenagers and are not kids anymore. Just look at Ben 10:Alien Force. The first problem is that none of the Rugrats act like their normal selves. Tommy use to act brave,now he's just trying to be cool. Chuckie used to be a wuss but was my favorite character,now he's a moron and doesn't tell the babies what they are doing is wrong. Phill and Lil used to be grossly funny and played with their boogers,ate bugs and loved to be dirty. Now,they just act normal. Kimi was nice,now she's a jerk. In one episode,the others made a room for her,but said "I HATE IT!". She wasn't even thankful once. Angelica and Susie fight over guys now and Susie doesn't constantly try to stand up to Angelica. Dill is the only good character despite the fact he was a crybaby back then. The parents have lost their laughter and are now boring. Also,the music has changed now. In the original,it was xylophone music which was cute. Now,it's rock music. Yes,I know teenagers hate xylophones,but couldn't they do something else. And the theme song has changed too. It's still rock music,and if that wasn't enough,lets add lyrics. "Every birthday,my mom and dad would say your another year..." Blah,Blah,Blah,they couldn't make a rock version of the original theme song? The only episodes I loved were the All Growed Up episode and the movie one and that was it. The rest was just bad. This is a reason why spin-offs seem to fail at times. Look at Planet Sheen and this. Bring back the original Rugrats,Nick! This didn't need to be made.
  • Nothing too special

    Basically the rugrats characters put into an "As Told by Ginger" and "Recess" kinda setup. Unfortunately, it more feels like they simply used the rugrats characters to gain appeal, as for the most part, they're next to nothing like they were in the original rugrats. Now, I'm not saying Spinoffs should be the same as the original, I'm more leaning towards that it's so different, that it hardly even qualifies as a proper spinoff.

    I will admit, it did have some okay moments, but I generally can't recommend this show, and recommend you watch Rugrats instead.
  • Complain all you want...

    Truth be told I love this show to this day and I'm turning 16 soon. I've seen every single episode with 'In the family's way' 'TP+KF' 'A DeVille House divided' being my favorites, however every episode is unique and memorable. When i started watching the show again I remembered episodes i watched 5 years ago. Believe it or not this show shaped the way I looked at things. All of the kids have a place in my heart.

    Sure there isn't as much innocence to it but believe it or not the innocence starts fading around that age. Those of you complaining about them wanting to grow up to quickly well no crap all kids these days are like that. I think that although it is a few years old it still clearly represents kids these days. and a wake up call to anybody who hasn't been with the times kids these days as young as 10 are doing crazy stuff these days yes including hitting on other kids. anyhow This show is an overall amazing show and is still appealing after all these years :)
  • a spin-off of the rugrats...

    all grown up was just nick's desperate attempt to keep the rugrats alive. judging by the fact there are no more new eps & it's not even on tv, it didnt work. it was bad enough when Dil & Kimi came into the picture. the special was OK, but a series was too much. i can see why AGU didnt last but mabye a year or so. it's just more preteen crap(like there arent enough shows on nick about preteens-_-) im so glad it's not on anymore cuz it was just a disgrace to the original rugrats & to nick. bottom line: i hate this spin-off!!!
  • Aw, cmon. Do we really need this?

    "Hmmm. We can't really think of anymore Rugrats episodes anymore. Got any ideas? I got it! Let's make them older and give them life difficulties! It'll be great!"

    That was probably all the thought put into,"All Grown up! It's Rugrats minus 8. Once again, Nick's trying to give into the "mature audience." It fails. not even a marathon of new episodes can save this crap.
  • This show was the final straw in the Rugrats' back, killing the franchise off for good.

    It's a shame. The Rugrats was one of my favourite cartoons while I was growing up, then Nick decides to create this spin-off that completely misses the point of why the Rugrats became a success in the first place. Basically, the plot follows the Rugrats ten years later, in their preteen years. Now, let's just say that this show is Boring with a capital 'B'. That's it. It's a show about preteen life. As I already hate slice of life stuff anyway, alarm bells quickly start ringing (Well, for me anyways).

    Let's start with the only positive thing I can say about the show; The animation and art style sticks to the original recognisable Rugrats style. And being as this is the only good thing I can say about this tosh, everything else just goes downhill from here.

    The stories for each episode aren't interesting (as if the main plot itself wasn't already boring). They're either generic plots that have been done to death on other shows, or completely rehashed storylines with little to no creativity.

    The characters' personalities have been completely altered. Tommy's more cautious, Chuckie's an utter moron, Phil and Lil are barely together anymore, Angelica and Susie only care about boys and Kimi has a mohawk hairstyle for some reason. And don't get me started on Dil...

    The music is awful, too. It's just generic rock. I preferred the xylophone music in the original Rugrats.

    As for humour? Well... there's virtually none. You might get a few laughs out of Dil sometimes, but aside from that, there's no humour whatsoever.

    All Grown Up was failed spin-off trying to resurrect a dying franchise (No thanks to SpongeBob). Do yourself a favour and watch the original Rugrats. It's much better than this rubbish.
  • With its lack of charm, very little funny moments, and changing of characters, All Grown Up was the final nail in the Rugrats' coffin and officially destroyed the franchise.

    It's safe to say that at one point in a franchise's life, it slowly dies out with something so bad, it officially kills it. In the case of All Grown Up, it succeeded in destroying the Rugrats for good. The show was based on a TV special that shows the Rugrats if they were teenagers. Now while the special was good, there was no need for a TV show based on it. All Grown Up continues the story of the Rugrats and their teen lives, and it's just as boring and bad as it sounds. The artwork and animation stays true the Rugrats format, but that is the only real good thing in this show, form here on in, it goes down hill. The stories are not interesting in the least bit, they are usually either generic stories already seen on another show, or are rehashed stories with very little creativity or new things in them. Another problem is that some of the characters do not act like who they once were. Tommy was a brave and courageous baby who loved adventure and his family. Now Tommy is too cautious and for some reason does not like being with Grandpa at all. In one episode of Rugrats, Grandpa moved out and Tommy was very sad and didn't want him to leave. So now why the 180 and Tommy being less distant from him? Angelica and Susie now just care about boys instead of their own ambitions to be the best. Phil and Lil are barely together anymore and just focus on being cool instead of doing anything that was disgusting but funny as well. The music in this show is just generic rock music that does not fit in at all, even if it is a teen show. As for humor, there really is none, there may be some funny things from Dil every now and then but most of the humor is non existent. In the end, All Grown Up was the final nail for the Rugrats' coffin and destroyed the franchise with poor stories, lack of humor and charm, and characters that don't act like who they once were. Stick with the beloved Rugrats instead of this, it is a disgrace to a great cartoon and has no right to bear the name Rugrats.
  • Worser than the Rugrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still liked it though! But humor was horrible

    It had good plots,good theme,and good setting,and kept the watcher attention.But he humor was bad and never made me laughed.The Theme song will tell you what the show is about:

    4...3...2...1... !
    Every birthday, my mom and dad would say
    You're another year older, another year wiser
    But I still go to school to get an education
    I treat each and every day like a mini vacation !
    All Grown Up !
    I really wanna shout it out !
    All Grown Up !
    I want the world to know!
    All Grown Up !
    I really wanna shout it out !
    All Grown Up with you
    All Grown Up... with... you !"

    Its about babies from the show rugrats who grow up and go trough wild adventures in school.
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