All Grown Up! - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Tommy Foolery
    Episode 12
    Dil is convinced that aliens are coming. Meanwhile, Angelica tries to be a nicer person to get Sean's attention.
  • It's Cupid, Stupid
    Episode 11
    The kids try to get dates to the Valentine's Day dance with their secret admirers.
  • 1/24/04
    Grandpa Lou takes over Stu's job of chaperone for the class field trip to the Human Body museum, and starts to embarrass Tommy. Meanwhile, Dil is hospitalized for a throat infection.
  • 1/17/04
    When Tommy's newest film makes him famous, Dil worries that his big brother might forget all about him. Meanwhile, Angelica trains Chuckie on the fine art of lying.
  • River Rats
    Episode 8
    When Betty and Chas take Tommy, Phil, and Chuckie to the great outdoors for rafting, Tommy's secret fear of the water is exposed and tested after getting lost. When he was young, he had a near death experience and almost drowned, ever since then, he's been afraid of the water. But when Phil's life is in danger and Chuckie is too scared to help him out, Tommy must put aside his fears to try and save his friend.moreless
  • Thief Encounter
    Episode 7
    Angelica has to mentor a bratty, little girl, who is basically a smaller version of herself. Meanwhile, Tommy and Dil fight on who stole lawn decorations in the night. But when Tommy is caught on top of a pole, the police take him to the station and he realizes it was him that sleepwalked taking items. Dil, luckily was spying and took the blame, but realizes he doesn't get to go on a trip, so tries to talk his mom out of it.moreless
  • Chuckie's in Love
    Episode 6
    Angelica takes on the school cook by reporting in the school paper that his food is weird, just as she's doing this, Chuckie tries to get Nicole to notice him, but it's like to her he doesn't exist. So, Chuckie disguises him as a man named Chongo, and now Nicole sees him. But when Nicole finally sees Chuckie at the Java Lava, Chuckie must have help to keep her distracted so she doesn't know.moreless
  • 11/29/03
    Tommy decides to enter a film making contest judged by his idol Martin Costomiris. But when his sci-fi movie proves to be a disaster, mostly due to the uncooperative cast, Tommy realizes that what goes on behind the scenes of the movie is far more interesting. Risking his friends, he follows them and secretly videotapes some of their private moments. When the others find out that Tommy had betrayed all of them, he's forced to make choice: his "movie masterpiece" or his friends.moreless
  • Tweenage Tycoons
    Episode 4
    Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, Phil, and Lil are trying to raise money to see their favorite band live in concert, "The Sulky Boys." But are not even close to having enough money to buy tickets. Until they talk Dil into selling his latest invention the "belt-quarium," which he made for his new fish, Pablo. The belts prove to be a huge success, despite Angelica completely ripping off the idea. But when the fad quiets down, Tommy asks, and without realizing it, forces Dil to come up with a newer invention. But when each hot item suddenly becomes lame by each day, Dil is pressured to please his brother and friends with new and more original creations.moreless
  • Bad Kimi
    Episode 3
    Angelica goes on an online chatline to find advice for herself. Kimi finds a new best friend Z. But when Chuckie and the gang spy on them in an alley, they hear something that might be a crime plan. She must be stopped if they're right.
  • 11/27/03
    A talent scout feels that Susie has what it takes to be a singer. Her parents, however, object to her concert because they are worried that it will affect her grades. She then decides to fund the venture herself, by asking her older sister for the money.
  • Coup DeVille
    Episode 1
    Lil doesn't want to act like twins anymore, she would rather do things on her own without Phil. Soon after, Dil recruits himself as Phil's new twin. However, Lil's new attitude is threatening the family's trip to the Twins Canyon theme park, where twins get in for half-off, if they dress alike. Meanwhile, Chuckie refuses to participate in the mandatory President's physical education exam.moreless
  • The Rugrats: All Growed Up
    The pilot to the series. This was a special Rugrats episode to show the rugrats 10 years later. Chuckie likes Samantha, but gets tongue-tied around her. Meanwhile, Angelica wants to go to an Emica concert.