All Grown Up! - Season 4

Nickelodeon (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • Golden Boy
    Episode 14
    When Tommy forgoes going to the traditional opening day ball game outing with his Grandpa, Lou takes Dil instead. This makes Tommy jealous as he and Dil compete to be Grandpa's favorite grandson during a fishing trip.
  • Brothers Grim
    Brothers Grim
    Episode 13
    When the gang's parents feel that they are spending too much time watching TV, they ban it from the house. How will the gang get by without their favorite programs?
  • Bad Blood
    Episode 12
    With Stu and Didi away at an Invention Convention, Tommy and Dil want to host a viewing party for a "real" alien autopsy video. But when both Grandpa Lou and Grandpa Boris show up to babysit the kids, can the gang find a way to watch the "inappropriate" tape before Dil has to give it back?moreless
  • Petition This!
    Episode 11
    Kimi leads a petition drive to ban cell phones in school. Angelica hoodwinks Chuckie into helping her keep cell phones in school in her petition drive. Kimi gets busted for wanting a cell phone for Christmas.
  • All Broke Up
    Episode 10
    Rachel is moving away and now Tommy is mad. In order to get it off of everyone's mind, he says "Rachel" in class as made-up answers. But when Chuckie starts a gang with Phil and some other of his cousins, Tommy tries to sarcastically cry and teams up with Dil during the moment when he's helping Charlotte with the game "Impatience."moreless
  • 11/28/07
    Angelica's teacher is having a baby so she brings in a hot handsome sub teacher that Angelica falls in love with. She tries to "date" him by failing her assignments. Meanwhile, Tommy, Phil, and Chuckie are part of the tennis club run by Pangborn. Chuckie is trying to avoid showering at the boys' locker room, but when he takes the chance, he realizes he has nothing to worry about.moreless
  • Super Hero Worship
    Episode 8
    When the comic book starring Chuckie's favorite superhero gets canceled, he is too depressed to help Tommy with his science fair project. Armadillo Dave gets canceled and Chuckie breaks down. Tommy has to buy a rat for his project, but the last rat available is a mean one. It scares everybody. Tommy made a simple one lane track for his rat, but needs Chuckie so he can get a good grade on it since Chuckie has done it before. The gang tries to find Chuckie a new hero to worship.moreless
  • TP+KF
    Episode 7
    When the gang looks for Halloween costumes in the Finster's basement, they find TP+KF carved on the wall. Does this mean that Tommy likes Kimi? If so, Chuckie doesn't like it. Dil goes trick-or-treating the day before in order to beat the rush. The argument between Tommy and Chuckie escalates to where they don't want to be best friends anymore. The gang tries to bring back together just as Chas' new security system to scare away anyone who might want to teepee his house.moreless
  • Trading Places
    Episode 6
    When Chuckie discovers that Kimi is upset, he gets the gang to help him redesign her room. It is then discovered that she is homesick for Japan and her biological father.
  • 11/21/07
    Tired of being considered a "goody goody" by the popular kids, Susie tires desperately to prove that she can be a bad girl. Meanwhile, Phil discovers that he has a talent for cooking.
  • 11/20/07
    Phil falls for the captain of the school soccer team. Meanwhile, Vice-Principal Pangborn asks Dil, Tommy, and Chuckie to hang around with his nephew, who turns out to be irritating and annoying.
  • 11/19/07
    After Charlotte has dinner with the Carmichaels, she decides that Angelica could use a bit more discipline, so she has her staying with Susie's family for a week. Tommy then bets the gang that the spoiled princess can handle all the Carmichael family rules for seven days, but can she make it?moreless
  • Rat Traps
    Episode 2
    When the gang sneaks into a PG-13 movie at the mall, Angelica catches them, and she has excellent blackmail fodder. The mall then closes with them locked inside with two bumbling robbers.
  • O Bro, Where Art Thou?
    Tommy is getting annoyed by Dil's eccentric behavior, and he wants some space from his little brother. When the gang visits the Cirque Extravaganza Day Camp, Dil meets a whole group of kids who are just as eccentric as he is who invite him to join their troupe permanently. Will he choose his new circus friends over Tommy?moreless