All Grown Up!

Season 3 Episode 11

Separate But Equal

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 12, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • At the scene where Phil accidentally sees Lil with her new bra, look at Lil's body at the second time she screams- she has a pink shirt on instead of a bra.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Lil and Kimi are shopping for bra's with their mothers, but Betty (Lil's mother) said once that it was Lil's father's job.

  • Quotes

    • (Tommy and Chuckie sneak into Dil's room while he's asleep)
      Chuckie: (whispering) Don't you think it's kind of weird Dil still takes naps?
      Tommy: (whispering) Oh, it's weirder than that. He stays up all night and sleeps during the day. He thinks he's a vampire. (picks up a sleeping bag)
      Chuckie: (whispering) He does look kind of chalky.
      (Tommy and Chuckie exit room and Dil wakes up. He looks in the mirror, and two more bite marks are on his neck.)

    • Dil: (talking to Tommy) Good morning, Sunshine!
      Tommy: What's so good about it?
      Dil: No sleep, eh? I can't believe you got so scared at such a lame movie. (begins to brush teeth, notices two identical, adjacent red bite marks on his neck)

    • (Tommy, Dil, and Chuckie are watching a horror movie)
      Dil: (laughs) This is the cheesiest movie ever!
      Tommy: (whispering) Keep it down, Dil. You're gonna get--
      Didi: (walks into room) Busted. Dil, what are the rules about watching horror movies?
      Dil: Uhh...not until I'm ten. Unless it's really lame in which case nine is acceptable?

    • (Phil is practicing baseball in a batting cage)
      Tommy: (standing outside batting cage with Chuckie, talking about Phil and Lil's party) So, we'll be able to go on any ride we want as many times as we want?
      Phil: (hits baseball and grunts) That's the deal.
      Chuckie: Ever since my addiction, you might say I'm tempting fate by going anywhere near Yu-Gotta-Go anything. But this party's gonna be epic!

    • (Phil and Lil finish playing a Yu-Gotta-Go arcade game)
      Betty: Wrap it up, folks. We still have to visit the Festivity Pavillion to finalize the plans for your party.
      Lil: Oh, we already know what we want. Red Mirror Dragon napkins, Princess Nioko invites...
      Phil: And unlimited passes for all rides! Including...
      Phil and Lil: Solcano's Head Explosion!
      Lil: (laughing) This is gonna be our best birthday party ever!

    • Didi: Go on. A social gathering's the perfect thing to take your mind off monsters.
      Dil: Fine. Send me out there. I just hope you're satisfied when you have a son who's one of the undead!
      Didi: As long as you make your coffin every morning, I'm fine with it.

    • Dil: How can such a smart woman be so naive?

    • Phil: (after seeing Betty in a bra) I'm blind! I'm blind!

    • Lil: Are you hurt?
      Phil: No…
      Lil: Too bad!

    • Phil: You guys ever notice that Princess Nioko is kind of a hottie?
      Tommy: With or without her third eye?
      Phil: With!
      Chuckie: Oh, yeah!
      Tommy: Very hot.
      Chuckie: And if you stand on the third step in the tie progression booth, you can see through her robe!
      Tommy: Chuckie, she's a hologram. You can see through her everything.

    • Dil: This party is like my career as a vampire- totally bust.

    • Phil: How come you never told me?
      Lil: Told you what?
      Phil: That you're a girl! That I live in the same house with a girl!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • At the scene where Phil accidentally sees Lil with her new bra, this scene can be reference to 6teen episode "The Wedding Destroyers". When Jonesy accidentally sees Jen without her bra on and then scream, like Phil and Lil did, except that Lil has her bra on.

    • Episode Title: Separate But Equal
      The episode title is a copy from the historical phrase: "Separate but Equal during the Civil Rights movement."

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