All Grown Up!

Season 4 Episode 8

Super Hero Worship

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 27, 2007 on Nickelodeon

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  • Loved it!!

    Aside from Chuckie's super hero problem, the part I liked the best was the whole rat story. I mostly liked how Kimi and Dil were handled with it.

    First Kimi is trying to be all merciful to the rat until it tries to munch on her scarf and she loses her temper when threatens to turn it into a little coat.

    Second, I loved it when Dil foolishly tried to talk to the rat despite the others' warnings and then it scared him right into Tommy's arms and he "Hold Me". My mom and I cracked up on that part
  • Superhero, he does like Armidillo dave.

    I didn't know Chuckie liked Armidillo Dave, who is that. Is that some made up comic character on the show? I love this episode. Why would they have a comic convention or whatever that was. I loved this episode sop much I need jsut need to see it again! Reair this epsiode please on Nick! Why would TOmmy enter the science fair? How would he? Is there some sign up or meeting? What does the rat have to do with anything also? This is just some interesting episode. Why would the gang need Chuckie to like a different superhero of a comicbook? I need to refresh my mind. I want to see this again was so fun episode. I wish to see this again.
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