All Grown Up!

Season 4 Episode 8

Super Hero Worship

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 27, 2007 on Nickelodeon



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    • Tommy: I'm never gonna get this science project done on time. First, I have to come up with a theme and build a maze, then I have to train a mouse to race through it... "using the behavioral theories learned in science class."
      Kimi: How long do you have to do it?
      Tommy: A month.
      Phil: Gee, that's not so bad.
      Tommy: It was assigned three weeks ago.

    • Tommy: Not one mouse in the whole store?
      Phil: Wait, there's a fast-looking one!
      Tommy: Where?
      Phil: In there, climbing across that boa constrictor's face...
      (mouse gets eaten by the snake)
      Phil: Oops. I guess it wasn't that fast, after all.
      Lil: I don't know. He went down pretty fast.

    • Chuckie: Why can't there just be a place called "Home for Retired Cartoon Artists"?
      Lil: (pointing on the yellow pages) "Home for Retired Cartoon Artists and Voices"!
      Phil: Ooh, so close!

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