All Grown Up!

Season 3 Episode 3

The Curse of Reptar

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Apr 13, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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The Curse of Reptar
After Stu sells an invention, he tells the kids that he's splurging on a built-in swimming pool. While digging up the yard, the construction crew unearths the Rats' old mechanical Reptar toy. The kids fondly remember it, but decide to throw it away, until, during an electrical storm, they become convinced that they've angered Reptar. They ultimately decide to rescue the toy, and realize that, although they're growing up, they can't forget their past.moreless

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    Jack Riley

    Jack Riley

    Stu Pickles

    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Tommy Pickles

    Cheryl Chase

    Cheryl Chase

    Angelica C. Pickles

    Dionne Quan

    Dionne Quan

    Kimi Watanabe-Finster

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    Phillip "Phil"/Lillian "Lil"/Betty DeVille

    Melanie Chartoff

    Melanie Chartoff

    Didi Pickles

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Stu said that Tommy and Dil wanted the pool since they were little, but wasn't it not too long ago that Tommy was so scared of water that he didn't like going into the public pool unless he had to?

      • When Kimi is walking to the rest of the kids, she falls through the floor. Then it goes to Angelica, then back. None of the kids could have made it to Kimi in time.

      • In this episode, Chuckie calls Tommy's Reptar doll Reptar Jr., but actually it was Chuckie's Reptar doll that was Reptar Jr.

      • In this episode, Chuckie tells the others that "Reptar" was the first movie they ever saw. Actually, in was the second, since they saw the "Dummy Bear" movie first and then left the theater to see the "Reptar" movie. This was all seen in the Rugrats episode, "At the Movies."

    • QUOTES (34)

      • Dil: Who in this neighborhood doesn't use dolphin-safe tuna?!

      • Chuckie: So there wasn't any curse of Reptar after all. Well, what do you know about that. Well, good night.
        Tommy: That's it? After scaring everyone half to death, that's it?

      • Chuckie: I'm gonna miss Reptar, though, but maybe it is time we grow up.
        Tommy: I don't think we have a choice.

      • Dil: You still think we'll get the pool, T? 'Cause I was thinking of expanding my sanctuary and calling it "Habitat for Manitee."
        Tommy: Pool, yes. Marine mammals, no.

      • Lil: Are you crying, Phillip?
        (Phil is crying)
        Phil: No.

      • Chuckie: Step away from the reptile, Angelica. Now, I know to you guys Reptar may not mean a lot, but he does to me. He was once my favorite toy, and if I remember right, he was your guys', too. The first movie we saw was Reptar, he was our first cereal, our first snack bar, our first ice show was Reptar on
        Dil: You guys went to see an ice show?
        Chuckie: Reptar even gave me a mom, and a sister, if we haven't gone to Reptarland, my dad wouldn't have met Kira and Kimi.
        Kimi: And I wouldn't be here with you right now.
        Chuckie: I know I'm suppose to want to grow up. But maybe I don't want to do it as fast as you guys.

      • Chuckie: Well, goodbye, old buddy. Even though I didn't think about you once in the last five years, I'll miss you.

      • Tommy: Chuckie, if there's any curse of Reptar, it's that you don't want to let him go and grow up.

      • Phil: Who knew the world of waste management was so fascinating. Just think, if that heavy equipment gig doesn't work out, all this could be mine.
        Lil: Why not, it looks like your room.

      • Lil: So, why'd you even come, Angelica?
        Angelica: Are you kidding? Don't you know it's always the gorgous girl with the naturally bouncy hair who stays behind in the house, and never makes it to the end of the movie? I'd be a goner.

      • Tommy: Okay, look, there's still a chance we might get to see this "Yu-Gotta-Go" special. So, if it will make everyone feel better, why don't we just get Reptar and put him down for a nice, long dirt nap.

      • Kimi: Forget it, guys. The cable's gone out.
        Chuckie: If that isn't a sign, then I don't know what is.

      • Angelica: This puts me on Tommy's side, which is a first I'm not particularly proud of.

      • Angelica: As the only mature one in this room right now, I have to say, YOU'RE NUTS!

      • Chuckie: I'm telling you, Tommy, it's just like that movie we saw. We unearth Reptar from his final resting place, and now he's seeking his unholy revenge.

      • Angelica: Oh, let me do this. (Slips and falls face down into some green sewage)
        Angelica: WHAT IS THIS STUFF?!
        Chuckie: Uh.
        Phil: For the record, whatever it is, it isn't mine.

      • Angelica: You preteens are lucky your parents are smart enough to have someone my age around to figure these things out.
        Phil: You know, she's right.
        Lil: That may be the scariest thought all night.

      • Tommy: We found our old Reptar toy in the backyard and tossed him out. Now, Chuckie thinks that Reptar's mad at us.
        Angelica: That is, like, the lamest thing I've ever heard.

      • Chuckie: Oh, no, it's happening.
        Angelica: What's happening?
        Chuckie: It's the curse of Reptar.

      • Dil: I'm trying to see if I can pop it through mind control. (Puts bag of popcorn in the microwave)
        Lil: Mind control, puh-leez.
        Dil: I got you to make it, didn't I?

      • Betty: Chuckie, are you okay? HOWARD! DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO CLEAN THE GARAGE?!

      • Tommy: My dad's inventions are always a little funky. Remember pre-chewed chewing gum?
        Chuckie: I'd rather not, my mouth still tastes like someone elses.

      • Betty: Come on, Chuckster, put some muscle behind it, or you're never gonna be ready for bathing suit season.

      • Phil: Remember how evil Reptar used to scare us when we were babies?
        Chuckie: I think I remember just fine.

      • Tommy: Dil was too young to remember. Man, I haven't seen him in years. We played with him for hours back here.
        Lil: He seemed so much bigger back then.

      • Kimi: I just don't get how boys can be so fascinated by heavy equipment.
        Lil: It's just like they're big, ol' toys to them.

      • Stu: Can you show me the "I'm not trying to impress my neighbors" model?

      • Tommy: Man, just imagine, no more wadding pools or running through stupid sprinklers.
        Chuckie: But we used to like running through sprinklers.
        Tommy: Ah, that's kiddy stuff, Chuckie. Think large, think water, think girls.
        (Phil, Dil, & Chuckie nod in agreement)
        Dil: You know it.

      • Phil: How long before your pool is ready for the famous Phil face-first cannonball.
        Tommy: Dad said it'll be done in a couple of months. The sales guy's coming over tonight to show us some models. You guys can come if you want.
        Chuckie: A couple of months, good. It'll give me time to work on my abs, and my pecs, and my delts.

      • Dil: At last, my opportunity has arrived to open an aquatic park and raise homeless dolphins.
        Tommy: Dolphins don't have homes, Dil.
        Dil: You see the need?

      • Stu: We're going to get you boys something every kid dreams of having.
        Angelica: A home in Aspen?
        Dil: A six week course in Portuguese?
        Chuckie: Respect?

      • Angelica: What do you call them?
        Stu: Gorge and grow. Dil and Tommy came up with the name.
        Dil: I was pushing for the glutton button, but I got over-ruled.

      • Chuckie: Have we gotten to the part where the woman in the brown shoes is chased by the guys in the black shoes and runs into the skeleton feet? No, no.
        Wait, don't tell me. I'll know when I see the blue carpet.

      • Stu: I'm not paying for it.

    • NOTES (8)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Movie: Poltergeist
        The movie that all the kids are watching in the begining of the episode is the 1982 horror film, Poltergeist. Poltergeist was produced by Steven Spielberg and had two sequels in 1986 and 1988.