All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 0

The Rugrats: All Growed Up

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Jul 21, 2001 on Nickelodeon

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  • i watched it for the first time in years last night on netflix... holy cow that was good

    I remember, as a kid, watching this a lot. The night it aired, and I also had a VHS of it. Watched it a few times. I hadn't seen it for years, but I decided to watch it last night. The plot itself is great; the babies want to be older, so Angelica will not boss them around anymore. So, we get a glimpse of the babies as preteens.

    Chuckie likes Angelica's friend Samantha, but he is definitely too shy to make a move. Angelica realizes this, and let's just say that even as a preteen/teen, she is still a brat. Tommy and all his friends plan on going to an 'Emica' concert, as well as Angelica and Samantha. Angelica keeps lying about different things she has, clothes-wise, and says that she has a medallion just like Emica. Well, that's half-right… her Uncle Stu does. You see, while the kids are off at the concert, the grownups are going to be in a dance competition. Stu and Didi think they will win because of Stu's 'lucky medallion.' Angelica then tries to get Tommy to get it for her, so her friend will not know she was lying, and in exchange, she will tell Samantha how awesome Chuckie is.

    Tommy agrees, and makes a fake medallion with a dog treat, wrapping it up like the real one. He exchanges it, but right in the morning, Spike eats it. He also snatches the real one too, thinking it too was a dog treat. Didi and Stu are outraged and ground Tommy so that he can't go (he doesn't mention it was Angelica's plan).

    Everyone is bummed Tommy can't go to the concert, and the kids are in the sandbox. However, they feel the medallion; Spike must have just buried it. Tommy tries to give it to his dad, before they leave for the dance competition, but he is too late. Tommy tries to get Dil to give it to them, but his friends think he should; after all, now that it has been found, Tommy shouldn't be grounded.

    However, Tommy has a babysitter; Susie. He tries to sneak out, but Susie is too smart. However, instead of being mad, she wants in on whatever plan they are cooking up (she wanted to go to the big Emica concert, but it was sold out).

    Tommy and the gang get to the concert, and immediately when they do, Angelica comes running to them, begging for the medallion. But Tommy forces her to tell her friend the truth. Afterwards, Angelica gives her ticket to the concert to Susie, and Tommy, Dil and Angelica rush to give Stu his medallion, before they themselves go to the concert.

    But now, Susie has Angelica's ticket, and Angelica can't get in. Her and Tommy say some 'nice' stuff to each other about what it has been like being cousins, and Grandpa Lou hears (probably the funniest moment in the special; apparently Grandpa Lou likes to keep hip with teen singers), and gives Angelica an extra ticket he had.

    So now the concert has begun, and Emica says she needs someone to help sing. She picks Tommy, and Angelica (who begged her to do it). They go on stage, and sing a song, and during the song we see flashbacks of the Rugrats TV series with them as babies. This scene caused a little waterworks from me. Rugrats was a huge part of my childhood, I loved them, and to see them as preteens, and then, in the same special, to also see them as babies, in the middle of it all… god, I loved this show a lot. After the song, we see them as babies once more, and they have made Angelica very mad. They all keep hope that '10 years from now Angelica won't boss us around anymore".

    Great special, that is pretty much all that needs to be said. A+