All Grown Up!

Season 1 Episode 5

Truth or Consequences

Aired Sunday 6:30 AM Nov 29, 2003 on Nickelodeon

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  • The new Rugrats

    This was a good episode. Personally I think this should have been the first episode. It had all 8 characters and it showed them as they were before. I think the others were a little hard on Tommy even though they did have a right to be angry.

    Dil is hilarious. He is such a character. It's hard to believe he's the same annoying cute little baby who use to drool, poop, and cry louder more than any of the others. I can see why he was voted as the number one favorite rugrat. Dil's not easily embarrassable like the others, if you think about it he's the wisest one. His goofy side story sort of balances out Tommy's somewhat serious story.
  • Friends or an perfect masterpeice movie.

    Tommy entered the film contest to get the chance to meet his favorite director.At first he was trying to make an movie an SCFI Movie,but it fails of course.When he see his friends arguing he decided to give an behind secret scenes of his friends fighting over things not even relizing that it would hurt his friends feelings.If they saw this.But when they did.Of course,they were mad at this for what Tommy did.So in the end Tommy,just did an film about his friends that he knew while growing up.I think he did this film,to let his friends know that he was sorry for his action before and would never do it again.Yeah an very good episode.
  • Funny and light hearted. A Must see for any All Grown Up! fan.

    All Grown Up, as you've probably guessed is a show about the 'rats as preteens, this episode imparticular is a classic as it shows just how much, the group have or haven't changed. Tommy the babies leader has grown into an espiring director. As this episode shows.


    The episode begins with Tommy filming "beauty in the strangest places" When Angelica decideds to jump infront of the camera. We then learn a film compation is being held... with Tommy's favorite director as the judge. Tommy begins to direct his film, a space/sci-fi job... only to find his friends can't get on long enough to do the scenes or without improvising:
    "It's a choice..."
    "Make another one."
    Tommy then finds what he wants his film to be, a documentry of what his friends secerts.... but to do that... he risks his friendship with the others. His friends find out what his planning to do and stop talking to him. How does Tommy get out of this? Believe it or not with a little help from a poster....

    Fun alround, but not really for those who want to revisit the types of adventures they had as babies.

    Best Moments: Dil's insparitional speech.
    Phil and Lil changing Phil's Grade.

    Worst Moments: None. This is a brilliant episode, but not all episodes are perfect.

    Score out of 5: *****