All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 15

A Girl Like Edith

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Edith runs into Klemmer, the butcher who once had a crush on her, and finds out that he is engaged. Edith invites him and his fiancee, Judith, over to their house for dinner. Klemmer accepts the offer. When Archie finds out, he is less than thrilled.

When Klemmer arrives with his "Liebchen" Judith, she turns out to be the exact likeness of Edith. Despite Edith's efforts to be friendly with her, Judith becomes jealous of Klemmer's attention to Edith as they sit down to the piano and sing a love song together. She exits the living room in a rage, and Edith comes to the rescue by explaining that Klemmer is affectionate with everyone he likes, but that he only loves her, Judith. Judith and Klemmer reconcile with a German love song in the living room.

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