All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 14

A Night at the PTA

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Notice how Stephanie is singing and dancing facing her back at everyone at the bar? You'd think Edith or Archie would make her turn around to the customers.

    • If Archie enjoyed Stephanie's performance at the tavern, why was his reaction bored and disgusted during her performance?

    • The lines of the song when Edith and Stephanie practice ("I want to dance like my sister Kate. Everyone thinks that she dance so great. I realise a thing or two...) does not correspond in Stephanie's final performance at the tavern. The lyrics are completely different.

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  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on November 03, 1978.

    • Danielle Brisboise has put out two CDs on RCA records. They were both critically acclaimed by "Rolling Stone" and "Billboard" magazines. Though not commercially hits, I have these CDs and they blew me away at her talent. They are "Arrive All Over You," and "Portable Life." You can find them on eBay. Though "Portable Life" is limited and often expensive. They are truly impressive works of art

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