All in the Family

Season 5 Episode 20

Amelia's Divorce

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Edith comes home from church, talking about the sermon to an apathetic Archie, who is reading the comics. At the end of their conversation, Edith lets Archie know that her cousin Amelia and her husband, Russell, are coming over that afternoon for a visit. Archie is immediately annoyed to learn they're having company, especially since he is not fond of Russell. He tells Edith how much he hates Russell's boasting about his money all the time, calling him Prince of the Potties" because Russell is a plumber. Edith gently proposes the idea that Archie might be a bit jealous. Edith also mentions to Archie that she wishes he were a little more like Russell in terms of how sweet Russell talks to Amelia.

Russell and Amelia arrive moments later, and it turns out they've recently returned from a vacation to Hawaii. Within thirty seconds of their arrival, Russell is bragging to Archie about how much money he's shelled out; he also sits in Archie's chair. Amelia and Russell have brought the Bunkers gifts of native Hawaiian clothing. Edith loves hers and Archie insults his. In the course of their conversation, Amelia makes a remark to Russell about him taking her to Europe, and Edith is just enthralled.

Archie, on the other hand, makes a move to head to Kelsey's for a beer. As he's putting on his coat, Amelia suggests that Russell go with him, saying that he deserves some fun. Archie is deflated and Russell goes with him.

While the women are alone having coffee in the kitchen, Edith can't stop talking in her enthusiasm about Amelia's weight loss and how good she looks. Amelia confides to Edith that she's had a face lift, too. Then she informs a shocked Edith that Russell and she are probably going to get a divorce.

Edith is stunned by this news, thinking that Amelia and Russell have an ideal marriage. Amelia reveals that Russell is more talk than anything, and that her husband has caught "the sex fever." Younger women are all that Russell thinks about, and Amelia confesses that she and Russell haven't slept together in months. She further surprises Edith by letting her know that she and Archie are the only happily married couple that she knows, and asks an embarrassed Edith what she's doing right in the sack.

Meanwhile, down at Kelsey's a pompous Russell orders a Harvey Wallbanger, a drink that Kelsey doesn't know, and then proceeds to buy drinks for "the house," which comprises himself, Archie, and a young girl sitting by herself at a table. Archie finally asks Russell why he's plying beers to this girl whom he doesn't even know. Russell expresses his interest in her "for a rainy day," and then tells Archie that he has a 24 year-old secretary with whom he's having an affair. Archie warns him what will happen if Amelia finds out, and Russell brushes off the notion that divorce is a problem, especially if one has money. Russell laughs and says that Edith and Archie are stuck together. Archie, however, professes that he likes being stuck with Edith. As Russell inquires further about the girl at the bar, he's told that it is Kelsey's daughter-in-law, married to Kelsey's son, the detective. Archie has the last laugh on that one.

When the men return, Russell tells Amelia that he needs to get going because he has to stop at the office, and Amelia gives Edith a knowing look. After they leave, Archie complains that another half of a Sunday has gone to waste, and expresses that he has no desire to see those people any time soon. He asks Edith what she and Amelia talked about, and Edith is vague. When Edith asks about his conversation with Russell, Archie is generic as well. They both settle into silence, but a glance from Archie at Edith, and his hand closing over hers is enough to convey volumes of what they both understand.