All in the Family

Season 5 Episode 20

Amelia's Divorce

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1975 on CBS



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    • Archie: (Referring to the Hawaiian shirt he just received as a gift from Russ and Amelia.) This could be the wallpaper at a fag bar.

    • Amelia: Of all the people I know, Edith, you're practically the only one who has a happy marriage.

    • Archie: (to Russell) Just remember what you got waitin' for you back at my place: a nice wife with fifteen pounds off her kiester.

    • Edith: (telling Archie why she envies Russell's treatment of Amelia) It's all the little things he does for her...
      Archie: Hey, nobody does littler things for you than me.

    • Russell: Hey Arch, did you see the look on Kelsey's face when he couldn't change my hundred dollar bill?
      Archie: Did you see the look on my face when I had to pay the tab ?

    • Archie: Let me tell you somethin'... I ain't lookin' for no greener pastures cuz Edith is green enough for me...and I like being stuck with her (smiles).

    • Russell: Arch, I got me a secretary you would not believe. 24-years-old and wild, Arch, wild ! You know what she calls me?
      Archie: Grandpa?

    • Russell: After 25 years marriage is just a box of Crackerjacks with no surprises.
      Archie: What's the matter with just the Crackerjacks?

    • Edith: (about Russell and Amelia) I love the way he calls her honey and sweetheart and things.
      Archie: Aw, gee-I call you things!
      Edith: But you ain't called me honey or sweetheart for years.
      Archie: Well let me tell you there's an old don't keep runnin', after you catch the bus.

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