All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 19

Archie and Edith Alone

Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1972 on CBS

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  • Archie and Edith are together; Edith wants to get closer to Archie but Archie gets mad and calls Edith a \"saint\", saying she never does anything wrong, and says she\'s inhuman. This hurts Edith deeply; Edith demands an apology; eventually gets it at the

    Though Edith\'s wailing over Archie\'s creul statements was intended to amuse the audience, I was very sad for Edith. I may be a softie, but I didn\'t like seeing Edith hurt, much less think it was funny. She\'s my favorite character because she\'s so kind and considerate. Archie is just really a jerk sometimes. It was nice at the end though; I\'ve never seen Archie and Edith so close in any other episode. The dancing scene was very sweet, and it was nice that Archie could actually swallow his oversized pride this time and apologize to Edith. And for once he could listen to her and talk about old times without calling her a \"dingbat\" or something insulting and ridiculous like that. This episode was more heart-warming and had less humor in it.