All in the Family

Season 3 Episode 20

Archie is Branded

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1973 on CBS
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Archie is Branded
One morning Archie gets up, goes to his front door to get the newspaper and is shocked to discover that someone has painted a swastika on his front door. Archie soon gets into a debate with Mike as to who could have painted it and why. As Archie is calling the police to report it, the Bunker home gets a visit from a man from a Hebrew vigilante group who wants to plan some retaliation.moreless

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  • The Bunkers and Stivics are shocked to find a swastika painted on their front door. Archie and Mike argue intensly over why they were targeted and by whom.

    "Archie is Branded" is the greatest episode of "All in the Family" hands down. I have been meaning to write about this episode for a long time but I did not think I could express any opinion of it as well and as effectively as RebeccaAnne has in her very well written review. However since I consider this episode my favorite I decided to let me feelings be known. You will not find an episode of this iconic series as powerful and as emotional as this. While it does have just the right amount of laughs, they do not overshadow the amazing energy and raw emotion emitted by all performers here. While there have been many terrific guest appearances on this show there was no better guest performer than Gregory Sierra as Hebrew Defense Association member Paul Benjamin. Paul's heated debates with Michael are truly amazing up until the very end. The absolutely stunning ending of Paul being murdered in his car is by far the best conclusion to any episode of this series. The fact that there is no applause at the end may suggest that the audience was just as stunned to silence as I was when I first saw this episode. This series has many great episodes but "Archie is Branded" stands head and shoulders above all other episodes of "All in the Family". Make a point to see it.moreless
  • perfect

    This episode does not have a lot of humor, but who the heck cares when the ending is as intense as it was here. I thought this was going to be a 2-parter when it was revealed that Paul had been killed. All in the Family is generally more happy of a show but this was a very serious episode. The Bunkers running out of the house because they thought the package was ticking, the ending of the episode… very serious episode, and even though it was kind of low on laughs, my final grade is still going to be an A+moreless
  • Archie is Branded is one of the most powerful episodes of All in the Family. It may not be as funny as some of the other episodes but this is due to the fact that it refuses to sacrafice meaning for comedy.moreless

    This is such a great yet underated episodes. It is not one of the funniest episodes of All in the Family, but it is very powerful. In this episode the Bunkers find that a swastika was painted on there door. Gregory Sierra plays Paul Benjamin of the Hebrew Defense Association who has come to protect the Bunkers because the group who painted the swastika on the door have not yet realized that they painted it on the wrong house. This episode never subsitutes comedy for meaning. This episode deals with the subject of hatred against Jews and the ways in which Jews retaliate in a very serious maner. Even when this episode is funny, it is still able to convey the fear in which the Bunkers are living. The end in which Paul is killed by the people he is protecting the Bunkers from is the most powerful ending to any episode of All in the Family that I have ever seen. This is one of the most powerful and memorable episode of All in the Family that I have ever watched.moreless
Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton

Edith Bunker

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner

Michael Stivic (1971-1978)

Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Gloria Stivic (1971-1978)

Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O'Connor

Archie Bunker

Gregory Sierra

Gregory Sierra

Paul Benjamin

Guest Star

Michael Gregory

Michael Gregory


Guest Star

John Putch

John Putch

Boy Scout

Guest Star

Billy Halop

Billy Halop

Bert Munson

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The man delivering the package looks like he's got a U.S. Postal service uniform on and is credited as "Mailman". Why is the Post Office delivering to the Bunkers on a Sunday morning? This is even more mysterious when it turns out to be a legitimate package from Cousin Amelia--a bomb (delivered by a guy dressed as a postman) would've made more sense!

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Edith: I wonder why they call it a swastika.
      Archie: You wonder why they call it a sawastika? Look at the damn thing!
      Edith: Yeah?
      Archie: What else would you call it!

    • (after the swastika is first discovered)
      Mike: Call the cops? What's going on?
      Archie: Look at the door.
      Mike (looking at the door) Yeah?
      Archie: You meathead, open the door and look at the outside of it.
      Mike: You didn't tell me to open the door. All you said was look at the door. You didn't say 'Open the door and look at it from the outside'. All you said was 'look at the door'.

    • Mailman: Special delivery for Bunker.
      Edith: Oh thank you!
      Mailman: Say, uh, lady you know you got a swastika on your door?
      Edith: (all smiles) Yeah, thank you. (shuts door)

    • (after returning to the house and pulling the water-soaked package out of the sink and still hearing ticking)
      Archie: Wait a minute…this thing ain't ticking at all.
      (Archie hears the ticking coming off Edith's apron and pulls out her kitchen timer)
      Archie: (with a typical glare) You run us out of our own home…with your rotten lousy kitchen timer.
      (timer rings)
      Edith: My cake is done! (takes cake out of oven) Oh didn't it come out nice?
      Archie: Yeah Edith, just beautiful. But you know we got a special delivery package over there in the sink! I don't know what's in it but it better be rubber goods cause it's under water!

    • (Edith reads note from the water-soaked package)
      Edith: It's from Cousin Amelia. 'Russ has given up smoking so he's sending Archie these cigars'
      Archie: Hold it, hold it! Cigars? Get away from that sink!
      Edith: (continuing reading note) Russell says to be sure to keep them in a humidor because they spoil if they get dry'.
      Archie: These ain't gonna be dry for a hell of a long time! (pulls out destroyed-by-water cigars) Edith, all I can say is…I ain't a happy man.

    • (A large explosion is heard outside. The Bunkers and Stivics look outside to see what happened.)
      Archie: Holy gee. That's Paul. They blew him up in his car.

    • Michael: Any thinking person went past the idea of revenge a long time ago.
      Paul Benjamin: Any thinking person knows that Homo Sapiens is a killer.
      Edith: Homo Sapiens. Is he an Arab?
      Archie: No. Edith, Homo Sapiens. That's a killer fag.

    • Paul: Shalom. Edith: Shalom? What does that mean? Mike: Believe it or not, Ma, it means peace. Gloria: Jewish people also use it to say hello and good-bye. Edith: How do you know which one they mean? Archie: Simple, Edith, If a Jew's comin' at you, it means hello. If he's walkin' away, it means good-bye. Edith: When does it mean peace? Archie: In between hello and good-bye.

    • Mike: This (holding up a clenched fist) only gets you this.
      (holding up his other fist)

    • Edith: (referring to the swastika on the door) Who did that?!
      Archie: I don't know, Edith, the artist didn't sign it.

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