All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 10

Archie is Worried About His Job

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie is pacing around downstairs. He can't sleep. He pours himself a glass of milk from the remains of three bottles. Edith wonders why he's awake. Archie claims he has indigestion. Mike comes downstairs wearing pajama bottoms wondering what's going on. Gloria joins them wearing the matching top to Mike's pajama bottoms. Archie suggests that they get another pair of pajamas. Mike starts eating Archie's sandwich.

Archie rushes to get the ringing phone. It's a wrong number looking for girls. The phone rings again. It's the same wrong number. Mike and Gloria go to bed. Edith tries to solve Archie's problem. She guesses that it has to do with his job. Archie's worried because there's going to be a 20% layoff in personel. He acts brave claiming that he's worried about the men in his department. Feeney, the night watchman is going to snoop around and see who's going to get fired.

Mike and Gloria come downstairs in bathrobes claiming that they can't sleep. The ladies go to make coffee. Gloria shows Edith an article about Archie's work laying off employees. Edith says that Mike and Gloria aren't supposed to know. Mike sits smiling and nodding because he knows the news. Archie thinks he's strange. He starts complementing Archie. Archie in turn gets mad at Edith for blabbing the news. He again claims that he's not worried for himself. He also claims that a man shouldn't bring his problems home. The phone rings again. Gloria answers it joking with the wrong number. Archie gets mad. Then the door bell rings. Dave, the cop on the beat stops by concerned because their lights are on. Archie wants Dave to deal with the prevert who keeps calling them.

Edith and Archie talk about their parents and the Great Depression. Archie tells how it affected his dad. He's worried the same will happen to him. Dave says that the prevert that keeps calling is coming to the Bunker house so that Dave can arrest him. They all sit waiting. Dave mentions that he likes his job because of the job security. He also talks about his cousins that have been laid off. The doorbell rings. It's Clara. She mentions that she's a night person and wants to borrow coffee. But since Edith brewed the last of it sheinvites Clara and her date over. Archie says no to inviting her date over so Clara calls her date saying he can go home.

The doorbell rings. It's a pizza delivery guy. Mike ordered the pizzas. The doorbell rings again. It's the drunken wrong number prevert. He knows Dave because he's his sergeant. The sergeant starts crying because of what he did. Dave escorts him out. Then Clara leaves. feeney finally comes with the news. He tells a detailed story of how he got the results. The company is cutting three departments but keeping the three foremen. Archie keeps his job. They celebrate by eating pizza and drinking beer.

Edith brings Archie some bicarbonate for his stomach. He clames Edith for how bad he feels. It's time for Archie to get ready for work. Archie says he's not going because he feels bad. Even though he claims he's cozy with the bosses he goes to work when he remembers why he stayed up all night worrying in the first place.
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