All in the Family

Season 6 Episode 20

Archie's Weighty Problem

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie comes home from work grouchy because of the strict diet Edith has kept him following, thanks to the orders of his doctor. Archie bemoans the fact that he can hardly work off of a tuna sandwich, orange, and carrot sticks all day, and ties to pilfer a beer from the fridge. Edith deftly keeps him from the beer, and holds it out of his reach until she gets upstairs and flushes it, much to archie's sorrow. When Michael comes over later, his efforts to encourage Archie to exercise are met with disgust. He starts thinking fondly of how tasty a submarine sandwich is, and goes to the refrigerator to prepare just such a delicacy for himself, only to have Edith block the fridge so as to thwart the gluttonous intentions of her abundantly contoured consort, only to get hollered at for her trouble.

Archie finally tells Edith that he's going to flee to every restaurant and pizza joint in the city to make up for his starvation diet, listing all the delectable dishes, delicacies and delights he is going to enjoy. When Archie gets to Kelsey's, he orders a platter of fattening food and douses it with ketchup. Moments later, Mr. Quigley jogs in and brags to Archie that he's just jogged three miles. He then proceeds to show Archie a wallet of family photos, all of relations who died prematurely due to obesity-related health disorders. Archie figures out that Quigley has been sent to him by Edith and gets annoyed.  However, when he gets home, Edith makes a deal with him that she'll show him some leniency with the meals if he'll stay home and dine. It is then that Archie decides that it is possible to sustain a healthy body and still make one's tastebuds feel cared for -- and he does want to live to dance at his grandson Joey's wedding.