All in the Family

Season 6 Episode 20

Archie's Weighty Problem

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This was Burt Muston's last appearance on "All In The Family". His brief speech at the end to Archie is almost like a valedictorian speech. He says, "Take my advice and don't wind up just a fat memory in somebody's wallet. You stick to that diet, Bunker, and you'll live long enough to dance at your grandson's wedding."

    • In the scene in which Gloria comes in the door with the stroller, Edith tilts the bassinet that is supposedly holding Joey as she's walking up the stairs, and you can see that there's no baby in it. There's just a blanket.

    • Quigley is proud of the fact that he's in good shape for 92, but in the episode "Archie Feels Left Out"—just a couple of seasons ago—Quigley was about to turn 83!

  • Quotes

    • Archie: (to Michael) You got any beer over at your house?
      Michael: What do you want with beer?
      Archie: Edith threw my last one down the toilet.
      Michael: Well, what's the difference? It would've wound up there, anyway.

    • Archie: C'mon, Quigley, at your age, sex must be down to a handshake.
      Mr. Quigley: Yep, before and after!

    • Archie: Ya see, living to old age is what ya call "heresy."

    • Archie: I'm going to the Colonel...I'm gonna get a big bucket of chicken chests and smashed potatos. Double on the gravy! And then I'm going to 31 flavors, I'm gonna eat 34! Edith let me tell you something: God did not give man a belly just to hang a button on!

    • Quigley: It's amazing, I'm 92, and I still enjoy all sorts of things like jogging, swimming, hiking...
      Archie: Whoopee.
      Quigley: That too.

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