All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 18

Barney, the Gold Digger

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie gets a phone call from a distraught Barney, who tells him that Blanche has run off yet again. Archie comes over to talk sense into Barney, who milks the attention for all he can get. Back at the Bunker household, Archie tells Edith that it's time that they set Barney up with another woman. At first, Edith resists, but when Archie learns that Edith is inviting a wealthy acquaintance over for dinner the following evening, Archie immediately invites Barney to join them. When Barney comes over for dinner, he's less than thrilled to meet the ample Martha; however, Archie assures him that it's worth Barney's time to court the widow, who just sold off seven supermarkets bequeathed to her by her dead husband. A couple weeks later, when Edith has coffee with Martha, Martha reads Edith's fears that Barney is just using her for her money. Martha assures Edith that it's more than that, and that she's truly happy. Barney then comes calling for his "big mama" and the two of them scamper off like schoolkids. Edith thinks that cupid might just have struck.
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