All in the Family

Season 7 Episode 8

Beverly Rides Again

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie walks into Kelsey's and right into one of Pinky Peterson's practical jokes. He's so disgusted with being the butt of another joke, that he leaves in disgust, unknowingly wearing on his back a sign that reads, "Kick me hard." When he gets home, Beverly LaSalle, the female impersonator whose life he saved one year ago, is waiting to thank Archie by taking him and Edith out to dinner to celebrate their "anniversary." Archie makes excuses for not wanting to go out, but when he realizes what Pinky has done with the sign, he decides to get revenge by setting Pinky up with Beverly on their dinner date. When Pinky arrives, Archie is beside himself with anticipation, but when Archie and Edith go upstairs to get ready to go, Pinky asks Beverly if that's her stage name. He recognized her as soon as he got in the door as a cross-dresser, but wants to play along with it to make Archie happy.

Edith doesn't know and Beverly is uncomfortable with the idea of being used, but Archie is loving every minute, thinking Pinky believes Beverly to be a "she," and Pinky for his part is having a great time letting Archie believe that he's smitten with Beverly. Finally, Edith stands up and tells Pinky that he needs to know the truth, and Pinky asks, "about Beverly being a guy?" Archie is vexed, but the practical joker finally gets his due payback when Pinky's girlfriend finds him with "another woman" and leaves him in disgust.