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All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 13

California, Here We Are (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

The second part of this two-part episode opens with Gloria and Edith going through tissues in the bathroom, as Edith is left reeling with the news that her daughter and Mike are separated. As they talk, Gloria explains how Michael abandoned her so many times at college functions and parties, worked late and neglected her, and made her feel unimportant. Edith still can't believe that all this is worth throwing away Gloria's marriage, and asks if there's anything else. Gloria reluctantly reveals that she started seeing another man. Edith nearly faints. Moments later, Edith must tell Archie about the separation. Archie is furious, and beats down the bedroom door, certain that his son-in-law is at fault. He is outraged to learn that his daughter was unfaithful, and lets her know how disappointed he is in her, badly hurting her feelings. Edith works to bring some reconciliation, and Mike and Gloria finally quietly admit that they still love one another, although Michael isn't sure if he wants to remain married after what happened. Archie is still angry with his daughter, who tells him that she loves him, and then they hug. Later, Gloria, Michael, Archie, Edith, and Stephanie and Joey all open presents under the tree, and Michael gives Gloria a heartfelt hug.
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