All in the Family

Season 6 Episode 6

Chain Letter

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie comes home from work to find Edith licking envelopes, and discovers she's been sent a chain letter. After ridiculing her for being superstitious, Edith hands him one that was forwarded by Irene. Archie tosses it away, and shortly after, the toilet gets clogged, Edith burns dinner and the oven door falls off, and when Archie goes to Kelsey's to escape the chaos, he ends up drinking from the same beer pitcher that Munson did...only to find that Munson was just diagnosed with hepatitis.

Archie rushes to the hospital where he bullies his way first to see the doctor in the emergency room. The black doctor who treats Archie has to listen to innuendo from Archie as he examines him, and makes fun of Archie's bigotry by sarcastically talking like a stereotype and offering to let Archie rub his head. Archie ends up getting a shot in the rear end from the nurse. Irene meanwhile apologizes to Edith for the scare that she's had, especially as she hasn't heard from Archie. Archie comes home and complains, then gets hit in the bottom with the kitchen door twice - once by Mike and once letting it slam him.

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