All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 4

Edith Writes a Song

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 1971 on CBS

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  • After many robberies in the area, Archie wants to buy a gun while Edith wants to use the money in the savings pot for a song to make her famous. Needless to say burglers break into thier house and the fun starts.

    To me, this is definately one of the top 10 BEST episodes. It is funny, and very cleverly done. Any episode that features Cleavon Little (Blazing Saddles fame as Sheriff Bart) and Desmond Wilson(Sanford and Son fame) has to be fantastic and it sure is! The episode is funny from the get go and the whole exchange between Archie and the robbers is priceless! Even the two robbers together is great magic. Too bad they never worked together again. Naturally there is a lesson that is learned about trust, buying weapons for protection, and dealing with poverty is very nicely explained through the episode with comedy. A true classic that should be recorded.
  • A study in stereotypes.

    Archie, in order to protect his family, purchases a tape recorder with the recording of a vicious dog barking, designed to activate when a burglar breaks in. Additionally, he purchases a handgun, with the money from the family pot, which Edith was going to use to give to a song company to turn her poem into a song. Plenty of comical arguments abound in this first half of the episode. When we get to the 2nd half, we see two black men, who had just robbed a jewelry store, breaking into the Bunker house while the family is out at the movies. At this point, we're treated to a barrage of old stereotypes, this time from the black perspective. A bit later, the family comes home, while the robbers hide upstairs. Suddenly they come down, and as much as Archie tries to hide his prejudice, everything he says comes out wrong, and he's chided by the two black men. Conversely, Mike tries to smooth things over, but he's seen as a stererotypical liberal, and more laughs are offered.

    Cleavon Little and Demond Wilson star as the black robbers, providing a huge amount of laughs when confronted with Archie and Mike.

    Another must-see for fans of this show, as it's one of my all-time favorite episodes!
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