All in the Family

Season 8 Episode 5

Edith's 50th Birthday (2)

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1977 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Nitpick – Archie says that Gloria was nearly attacked by the construction workers three years ago. While certainly it's normal to fudge on the number of years that something like that happened, that incident actually happened four years earlier (in the 1973 episode, "Gloria the Victim").

  • Quotes

    • Archie: (to Gloria, after trying to console Edith and being rebuffed) All that sweetness wasted! I only have so much in me!

  • Notes

    • This classic episode, even though it was an hour-long episode was taped as two segments. The second part was taped on September 16, 1977.

    • David Dukes(Lambert)does not appear in the second part of this episode.

    • The third season episode, "Gloria the Victim" is referenced (in the scene where Edith tells her family about her harrowing experience). Archie had decided to call the police immediately, but Mike and Gloria remind him what happened when Gloria was nearly attacked several years earlier (a police investigator had advised her that her attacker's defense attorneys would portray Gloria as having "asked for it").

    • Screen Captures of this episode are taken at The Singing Dingbats;

    • This episode won the 1978 Emmy for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

    • This episode marks the only time where Edith slaps Gloria. Gloria had angrily confronted her mother about her refusal to report the rape (Edith was too scared to even identify the rapist in a police lineup), and the slap comes after Gloria calls her mother "selfish." Only then does Edith decide to confront her fears and attacker by going to the police station (with Archie in tow). The closer provides a bit of comic relief to this highly-dramatic episode, when Gloria begins her trademark high-pitched wail.

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