All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 7

Edith's Accident

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1971 on CBS

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  • Edith has a car accident, depsite the fact that she doesn't drive. When Archie and family find out about Edith's "freak accident", Archie opposes the fact that she left her information with the car. Archie has a plan until he finds out who the victim is.

    Here is a fine example of some classic "All In The Family". This Season 2 episode features Jean Stapleton really bringing the character of Edith one step further into the masterpiece role she created. One of the most remembered dining scenes in all of the series comes in this episode, in which Edith attempts to fully explain, to the best of her ability, and to Archie's satisfaction, just how she got in a car accident when she does not even drive. After mentioning "Cling Peaches in heavy syrup" to Archie too many times for his liking, he tells her not to use those words naturally Edith obeys and decides to ad lib and hum everytime she has to say "Cling Peaches". She gives an honest, truthful account of what happened - not missing a detail in true Edith fashion as she describes how her can of peaches dented a car. Between her humming and calling it a "freak accident", she receives a heavy reaction from Archie as well as the studio audience which gives a lot of laughter. Archie thinks Edith got away with the accident until he finds out she left her name, address, and information on the car she damaged...another example of Edith at her best. Now that it's too late to get away with it, Archie becomes convinced that the situation calls for scam or be scammed. Mike and Gloria, to no surprise, support Edith's decision. Archie, not knowing who the expect, discovers the accident victim is a Catholic priest, thus opening the door to some more classic Archie vs. Meathead conversation about whether or not the priest is a crook. As a result, we have a great ending to another classic episode of "All In The Family" looking into the Catholic religion through the eyes of Archie Bunker and the world surrounding Catholicism in the 1970's.