All in the Family

Season 4 Episode 9

Edith's Conversion

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1973 on CBS

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  • Edith begins attending mass at Irene Lorenzo's church and getting literature on Catholicism leading Archie to believe Edith is looking to convert.

    I would not call this episode a classic like "Archie is Branded" or "Sammy's Visit" mainly because it's pretty predictable from the start. It's a forgone conclusion that Edith never intended to convert to Catholicism. However what makes up for the is the abundant amount of laughs. The best laughs focus around Gloria preparing Frank Lorenzo's horse meat recipe. The scene where Mike gives Edith a hint as to what's for dinner ("The Camptown racetrack five miles long....") always cracks me up. The late Bernard Huges' appearances on the show as Father John Majeski always added to the particular episode's enjoyment. Majeski, though he was only seen a few times always had well written parts. The final segment where Archie finally confronts Edith about what's going on helps cap off the episode. As I saod previously "Edith's Conversion" is no classic but it is definitely worth seeing.
  • More anguish for poor Archie!

    Just saw this episode again last night. I\'ve seen this episode dozens of times, and I never get sick of it.

    Edith wishes to learn more about Irene\'s Catholic faith, so she accompanies her to a few masses. Archie gets wind of this, and fears that Irene\'s trying to turn Edith into a Catholic. So Arch goes to see the ever-great Father Majeski, who always has some great lines towards Archie. Archie gives the Father a stern warning about being afraid that Edith\'s going to turn into a Catholic. (Father replies with the great line: \"You make it sound like some kind of a horror movie! When does this happen, at midnight under a full moon?\" Gotta love it!!

    As a subplot, Gloria decides to spring for dinner. Unknownst to Arch, she\'s serving him horsemeat steaks! Which, of course, leads to plenty of great lines from Arch, without him ever knowing exactly what he\'s eating!

    One of the many must-see episodes from this great series.