All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 15

Edith's Problem

Aired Unknown Jan 08, 1972 on CBS

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Edith telling Archie to 'stifle it', the ending of the episode, Edith throughout the episode, she was really funny, amongst other things.

    Classic episode. It was so grand to see Edith all mad one minute and then be fine the next. Hilarious episode. Not as funny as it could have been, I did not think, but it was still a perfectly fine episode in the execution, and as such my final grade is an easy and well-earned A+. One of my favorite episodes, thus far (I've only seen a handful of episodes). Just an all around classic
  • The signature All in the Family episode. A real classic.

    This is by far my favorite All in the Family episode. You have the two main characters who behave in totally uncharacteristic ways. We have Archie, the cranky and domineering husband, behaving like an understanding and caring husband.
    And then you have Edith, the meek and quiet little church mouse and the one who is constantly taking the verbal abuse of Archie. Suddenly she is transformed into a female Atilla the Hun by "the change of life". And the juxtaposition produces hilarious results.
    The episode begins with Edith coming home from the store and Archie asking her about when his supper will be ready. Edith explodes in a tirade at Archie, to the stunned amazement of Archie, Mike and Gloria. They are all dumbfounded by Ediths behavior, which is totally out of character for her. As they are in the living room speculating on what Ediths problem might be, Edith emerges from the kitchen in a "happy-go-lucky" mood. And that only serves to confound Archie, Mike and Gloria even more.
    Finally Gloria figures out what the trouble is and tries to explain "the change" to naive Edith.
    But Archie is suffering too so Gloria takes Archie to the "Groinecologist" so he can understand what Edith is going through and can get some advice on how to handle it. (He also gets some nerve pills for himself in order to better deal with the situation.) When they return home, Archie explains to Mike in his own unique way about the hormone pills the doctor has prescribed for Edith.
    One of the best features of this episode is the facial expressions of Archie during Ediths rants.
    Those scenes are priceless. Archie does his best to be kind and agreeable to Edith. Even to the point where Edith doesn't think Archie loves her anymore and is treating her like "some old lady."
    Inevitably Archie patience runs out and he explodes at Edith, giving her "30 seconds to change". Edith suddenly becomes happy and tells Gloria that "Archie loves me again."
    Everything seems back to normal. Archie demands Edith call the lodge and confirm their upcoming trip to Florida, "as prederaged." Edith complies as Archie is bragging to Mike that his way of handling "the change" is the way Mike should handle it when Gloria reaches that stage of her life.
    Just as Archie finishes lecturing Mike on how to handle a wife "in change", Edith runs over and throws the telephone at Archies feet while screaming that she is NOT going to Florida and she runs upstairs crying.
    In another classic line frmm this great series, Archie shrugs his shoulders and matter of factly states, "Well, back to the "Groinecologist!"
    This truly is one of situation comedies all time classics. I highly recommend it to everyone.
    The laughs will be free flowing. A solid 10.
  • Edith has problems.

    One day Edith comes appearing all happy coming from the grocery.The next minitue she's yelling at everyone.Even at Gloria and Michael of course.She has strange moods one minitue she's all friendly and herself than the next minitue.She is already shouting at people.When Archie decided to talked about going to Florida.The first thing came out of Edith mouth was "Stifle" when Archie looked surprise.She said it again liked 3 times.Everyone was shocked very shocked of course.

    Yeah this episode was very funny.I mean I laughed at this.It was an surprise to see Edith yelled at Archie.Normally she doesn't.
  • Hilarious

    I'm not old enough to remember when this episode first aired-I was only 4 at the time-but I recorded it one night several years ago to have something to watch at night after work. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. I loved watching All In The Family when I was a little kid, but I was so glad I got to see this episode from before my time. Definitely the funniest episode of the series.
  • One of the best!

    This is one of my all-time favorite All In The Family episodes!

    Edith comes home acting very peculiar one day. She seems to have a split personality, where one minute she\'ll be fine, and the next minute she\'ll be turning on everyone in her way, especially Archie. Everyone in the Bunker household is baffled by this behavior, until Gloria finally realizes that Edith is likely suffering from menopause.

    Thoughout the show, the laughter abounds, especially in Archie\'s reactions to Edith\'s alter-ego. It climaxes at the end when Archie, trying to follow the \"groinacologist\'s\" advise in being especially nice to Edith, finally reaches his breaking point. He tells Edith angrily \"You wanna a change of life, you better make it quick! I\'m gonna give you just 30 seconds, now come on - CHANGE!!\"

    Any fan of the show has GOT to see this episode. It is definitely one of the best, in the Top 5.