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Favorite Quotes and Exchanges

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    Wondering what everyone's favorite quotes were from any of the characters in the series?

    Here's one to start us off:

    Gloria: Ma, when Michael and I got married we promised each other the honeymoon would never end!

    Edith: Oh Gloria, it's got to! Otherwise you'd never get your housework done.

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    I got TONS of quotes that I submitted but they all got rejected for whatever reason. Anyways, this quote is from the episode " Edith's Conversion" ( season 4)
    Archie : ( refering to Father Majeski's beard) " what are you trying to do, Majeski? save on razor blades?"
    Father Majeski: " Archie, if the ignorant where blessed, you'd be a saint !"
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    Here are a couple of my favorite quotes or exchanges between characters. First there is a scene in an episode called Edith vs the Bank, were she is denied a loan to buy a new TV for Archie. When she tries to get it out of Archie he denies her too because she won't tell what the money is for. She flys off the handle and storms in to the kitchen. Stephanie then comes downstairs and asks Archie if he knows what Edith wanted the money for. When he says no, and asks her if she knows, she says "I'll never tell." Archie then offers her a dime if she'll spill the beans, to which she scoffs at. He then ups his offer to a quarter, and she spills the beans. He then goes to tell Edith that she can have the money. Stephanie stops him by saying "Wait a minute", he says Huh. She then snaps her fingers and holds out her hand and looks up at him. He puts the 25 cents in her hand, and she says Thanks and puts the quarter in her stocking for safe keeping.

    My second favorite is when Archie gives Stephanie the gold chain with the Star of David on it. This is touching because up until that point Archie wasn't to keen on Stephanie staying with them and then finding out she was Jewish. This one action told her that he truly loved her and excepted her no matter what. I've watched this scene on youtube, and have read a comment that states that while they were filming this scene, Danielle Brisebois, had to keep telling herself, Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.

    My third favorite is when Archie tells Stephanie's boozed up "Father" to get lost and never to come back, as he knows that he doesn't love his daughter. Archie did the right thing by telling Floyd to get lost.

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