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Season 2 DVD set 2003 Sony release...question

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    Does the Season 2 DVD set released by Sony back in 2003 have the "Play All" and/or "Scene Selection" feature?

    The reason I ask: I just got around to getting Season 2 on DVD, ordering at the same time as the just-released season nine. and the version I got doesn't have "Play All". I wouldn't mind so much but it also ain't got the "scene selection" feature which doesn't seem like a big deal until one realizes that that means what happens when you press the |< or >| keys to advance.

    |< you go to 'Boy the way Glenn Miller Played'.

    |> you get the 'Choose Episode' screen.

    I really prefer to be able to go from scene to scene than have to >> to get to a scene. I could use the seldom used 'marker' feature on the DVD remote.......but I want 'Play All'!

    Also the packaging is also pretty bare-boned/cheapas you open the case and booklets are on one side and all discs are on the other with no inner plastic sleeve to keep the discs separate. Pretty inconvenient if the disc you want to watch is on the bottom of the stack and you got to pop all of them off. Wear this out over time and soon every time you open the case 3 DVDs are gonna fall to the floor.

    I noticed my second season set had a copyright date of 2009 which is about two years after Sony released Season Six and this is a Sony release. The previous release was from 2003 and can still be hunted down as I found an online seller who has 2 copies left in stock. Which brings this full-circle: can anyone tell me if the 2003 Sony release of All in the Family has the "Play All" and/or "Scene Selection" feature. If it does I might consider plunking down the $20 or so for the '03 version and give the '09 version to somebody else or keep it at work in the break room....ah forget that, it'll be heisted within daysSmile

    Any help would be appreciated...oh if you haven't got the ninth season on DVD get it! Archie and Edith are still incredible viewing even without Mike and Gloria.

    Scott I.


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