All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 11

Gloria Discovers Women's Lib

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

The ladies are cooking breakfast. Gloria tells Edith about women's liberation. They enjoy cooking and taking together. Edith shares that she kissed a boy for 11 1/2 minutes straight. When Archie interrupts them Edith doesn't tell him what they were talking about. Archie refuses to eat the bacon souffle they cooked. He wants his usual breakfast. Gloria stands up to Archie. She also mentions that Mike read about women's lib too. Archie gets upset. Edith doesn't really understand the issue. When Gloria goes to Mike for help he claims it's none of his business and that discrimination against minorities isn't the same as discrimination of women. She starts crying and runs upstairs. Mike goes after her.

Mike says he's worried about his grades. He claims that he believes in equal right but only if women admit they are inferior. Gloria gets angry. He then claims he doesn't really believe that but that it's a game. She says she'll leave if he makes another dumb joke. He brings up his grades again making Gloria feel like her problems don't matter. She packs to leave and Mike helps her. Downstairs Edith wants Archie to go upstairs to stop the fight. Archie refuses. Gloria prepares to leave. Mike threatens her with Archie mentioning it's her house and that she doesn't have to leave.

The three sit at breakfast. Mike keeps stuffing his face because he's nervous. Edith answers the door. Lionel comes to drop off the laundry. He wonders where Gloria is. Archie blames Mike for why Gloria isn't there. Gloria then comes by to pick up some more clothes. Mike says he won't do anything because of his pride. Edith storms upstairs. Archie blames Mike for this problem. Edith wants to help Gloria. They talk like friends.

When the mail comes Mike gets his grades. He got two Bs and an A. He tells Gloria that he didn't feel like excited because she wasn't there for him to share it with. They realize that they don't exist without each other. Mike claims that they are equal in their room. They start to fight over semantics. Downstairs Edith and Archie are sitting. Mike and Gloria have been in their room for over an hour. Archie says they were having sex. Mike and Gloria come downstairs mentioning that they made up. Archie could care less.