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All in the Family

Season 4 Episode 19

Gloria's Boyfriend

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1974 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Gloria's Boyfriend
Gloria befriends the box boy, George, who works at the local supermarket and happens to be mentally handicapped. When Archie discovers this, all of his misconceptions come pouring out and he encourages Gloria not to lead him on. Meanwhile, Archie encourages George to take a break at the Bunker's while George is still on the clock. George's father storms over to the Bunker's home with the bad news that George has been fired.moreless

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  • perfect

    Man, this episode. I can't believe some of the stuff this show got away with. If this episode aired nowadays people would have complained nonstop about the way Archie treated that mentally handicapped guy. I personally thought it was a nice episode, like the ending with the guy figuring out Archie put the thing on backwards, the man getting a job on his own, etc. Archie may or may not have gone overboard in this episode, I guess that depends on what you consider overboard. He did however seem, to me, more... of a jerk then usual. But it was an overall nice episode I thought. Get past the cruel comments by Archie (which is a focus of most episodes on different subjects), and you should be able to enjoy this episode. A+moreless
Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton

Edith Bunker

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner

Michael Stivic (1971-1978)

Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Gloria Stivic (1971-1978)

Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O'Connor

Archie Bunker

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    • Mr. Bushmill: Let me ask you something, would you hire my boy down where you work?
      Archie: Where I work? No. 'cause where I work, you've got to be on your toes, see? And to be on your toes, you've got to know where you toes are.
      Mr. Bushmill: Funny, funny. Everybody's got excuses. You see, that's why these kids don't have a real chance to hold down a job! If they did, they would do great.
      Archie: Yeah, but after all, the "versa visa" is true. I mean, people do get a little scared of them kids. They don't know what they're gonna do. Maybe they're gonna play with matches.
      Mr. Bushmill: Matches?
      Archie: Yeah, there was a kid like that where Edith and I used to live on Union Street. He set fire to a canary.
      Mr. Bushmill: You're not talking about somebody who's mentally handicapped. You're talking about pyromania!
      Archie: No, I think the family was from Hungary.

    • Michael: 'Every man is my superior in that I may learn from him'. Gee, I wonder who said that.
      Edith: I think it was David Carradine in Kung Fu.

    • Mike: You know Arch, you ought to be in the Guiness Book of World Records? Most stupid remarks made in a single day!

    • Mr. Bushmill: Get one thing straight Bunker, my kid doesn't have to weave baskets, you understand? He's gonna make it on his own like his brother.
      Archie: Aw geez, you got another one like him?
      Mr. Bushmill: It don't run in families, hey? As a matter fact George's brother just passed his bar exam.
      Archie: Oh yeah? Where's he tend bar?
      Mike: You just broke your own record.
      Mr. Bushmill: George's brother is a lawyer. Now you see the point I'm trying to make, Bunker, is that it's not inherited. You ought to know that, you got a perfectly normal daughter!

    • (George returns to the Bunker house with what he wanted to show Archie, a sign he kept above his coat at work)
      George: Here, here, read it, Mr. Bunker, read it!
      Archie: All right George let me see what it says here. 'Every man is my superior in that I may learn from him'.
      George: Oh you read that real good Mr. Bunker.
      Archie: Thanks George, what the hell does it mean?
      Mike: It means everyone is smarter than you, Arch!

    • Archie: (to George's father) How'd George get like that? When he was a baby, did someone throw him up in the air, and forget to catch him?
      Mr. Bushmill : It's a common birth defect. The doctors call it anoxia, it means he didn't enough oxygen when he was born. Now that's what happened to George...what's your excuse?
      Archie : I don't understand that question.

    • George: (after having fixed the blade in the plane which Archie put in backwards) Don't worry Mr. Bunker, sometimes I get things backwards too.

    • Archie: (regarding George) I know how to talk to a D-U-M-M-Y!
      George: I know how to spell, and I'm not dumb!

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