All in the Family

Season 6 Episode 22

Joey's Baptism

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • To leave a baby, even in colder weather, on the porch was common in the 70s. I am from Chicago and it was done here alot. Just bundle the kid up real good and stick him outside.

    • You notice when Archie and Edith are in the house they leave Joey outside on the front porch didn't they realize that he could've been kidnapped?

  • Quotes

    • (When Archie appears at the church and sees Reverend Chong...)
      Archie: We've got to have a regular American ceremony here. We can't have any dragons or firecrackers.

    • Gloria: You never do anything to prove that you're a Christian!
      Archie: What do you want me to do, little girl, get et by a lion?

    • Archie: That's what's wrong with this country, there's too much permission! Do you think when the missionaries went into deepest Africa they asked for permission? No! They pulled the natives out of the trees, dragged 'em down to the river, and held 'em under until they seen the light!

    • Archie: Can we have a talk, you know, Christian to Christian?
      Reverend Chong: I can.

    • Michael: Where is the soul?
      Archie: It's inside you.
      Michael: Where?
      Archie: It moves all around.
      Michael: It's not attached to anything.
      Archie: No, It couldn't be attached. Because then it wouldn't be able to get out of you and go to heaven when you croak.
      Michael: When does it get out?
      Archie: It jumps out just before they slam the lid down on the box and plant you.
      Michael: What if you're creamated?
      Archie: Then it jumps out of the box just before it hears the match strike.

    • Archie: (after baptising Joey himself) I hope that took, Lord, because they're gonna kill me when I get home.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Archie says the world is turning into "Sodom and Glocca Morra." He actually means Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities God destroyed because of their wickedness. Glocca Morra, however, was a pastoral Irish village in the Broadway musical Finian's Rainbow.

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