All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 5

Judging Books By Covers

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mike is studying until Gloria asks for help setting the table for lunch. Edith asks Archie for an old clothes to give to a church charity drive. Archie protests claiming there are too many handouts. Archie then raises a ruckus about the cashews Mike is putting out for company. He wonders "what's wrong with peanuts?" The leads to a critique of everything on the table to lunch. Mike mentions that Roger, a friend is coming over for lunch. Archie exclaims that Roger is gay leading to a discussion. Gloria replies that Roger isn't gay but it falls on deaf ears.

Roger arrives looking and acting very effeminate like a stereotypical homosexual. He just returned from Europe. Edith mentions her fascination with what happens to the people in pictures after the picture is taken. Archie makes his way to Kelsey's bar to see his friends and to get away from Roger.

At Kelsey's we meet Steve, Barney, and Nick. All four talk about strikes and the rising cost of products. Steve is single and he used to be a professional football player. Mike and Roger drop by much to Archie's dismay. Archie is surprised when Roger and Steve know each other like old friends. Kelsey asks Mike if Roger is gay. Then Mike finds out from Kelsey that Steve is gay. The only reason Steve is allowed to come to Kelsey's is because his camera shop is down the street and he doesn't act like a stereotypical homosexual. Mike can't believe it when he watches Archie and Steve talking.

Gloria, Mike, Edith, and Roger are finishing their lunch. Archie rushes home to watch great boxing matches of the century. Roger leaves. Gloria and Mike show Archie a trick that only woman can do. Take three steps away from a wall. Bend over so the head touches the wall. then lift a chair and try to stand up. Archie gets angry when he can't do it and Gloria can. Even Edith can do it. Gloria mentions that Roger showed them the trick over lunch. Mike blurts out that Steve is gay. No one believes him.

Archie goes down to Kelsey's to find out whether Steve is gay. The gang is there watching the fights. When Archie and Steve are alone Archie finds out the truth over a game of arm wrestle. Roger is straight and Steve is gay. He can't believe it.

Jerry, a friend of Mike and Gloria's tries the chair trick and can do it. Archie gets mad because upposedly a man can't do the trick. When Jerry turns around we find out she's a girl. This leaves Archie so confused.