All in the Family

Season 9 Episode 1

Little Miss Bunker

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Archie is disgruntled when he sees that there are three place settings at the table, and Edith informs him that her distant cousin Floyd, from New Jersey, will be joining them for dinner. Floyd brings with him a surprise – his daughter, Stephanie. Floyd is on his way to Fort Lauderdale, and as Archie discovers that Floyd is needy, Edith discovers from talking with Stephanie that she really has no home. Archie won't hear of it when Floyd wants to leave Stephanie with them for two –or three – weeks, but Floyd ends up going and dumping Stephanie on the porch anyway. Overhearing Archie complaining about her, Stephanie sneaks out. A frantic Edith begs Archie to check the bus station for her, and sure enough, she is there. After talking with her a little, Archie discovers that her mother walked out on the family, and that she was later killed in a car accident. Heartbroken in his own way for Stephanie, Archie asks her if she'll come back and stay with them.
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