All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 24


Aired Unknown Mar 11, 1972 on CBS

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  • Archie and Edith goes to Edith Cousin Maude's house to her daughter wedding.

    Archie didn't plan on going to the wedding.But Edith wanted him to come to the wedding.Carol and Maude aren't looking forward for Archie to come to the wedding.As the wedding shower and the bacholer party begin.While Archie decided to sit this out.Someone called the police forcing the bachlor party to cancel itself.Which got them upset of course.Of course they didn't know who it was.When Archie came over he reveal that he cancel an party that was going on.

    It was way funny.I mean Bea Author is an excellent actor.She play Maude very well.It was funny when Carol knew what Archie would say.Also it was funny when Archie didn't want to go to the bachlor party.