All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 1

Meet the Bunkers

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

At the Bunker household Gloria is setting the table for dinner. Mike, her husband comes home eager to spend some romantic time with her. They are preparing a 22 anniversary bunch for Edith and Archie, Gloria's parents. Mike explains that Archie doesn't know anything about what's going on since Gloria bought the present for Edith and he bought the card. Lionel, Mike and Gloria's black friend is also there helping out upstairs. Lionel asks Mike about the angry people on college campuses. Lionel then mentions that Archie is still giving him a hard time about his race. He leaves to wrap the gift and get some fresh flowers for the brunch. Mike promises Gloria that he won't fight with Archie today. They kiss passionately. Mike wants to have a quickie since they rarely have the whole house to themselves. Gloria claims that they have too much to do before her parents return home from church. They kiss passionately again in the kitchen.

Archie and Edith come home from church early. When Edith sees the beautifully set table she gets excited. Archie could care less. Mike carries Gloria out of the kitchen while they are kissing. They're suprised to see that Edith and Archie are home. Archie can't believe that the kids were going to have sex on a Sunday morning.

Archie heads to the newspaper while Gloria explains what the decorations are for. Gloria serves orange juice and reminds Archie to be nice to Edith today since it is their wedding anniversary. Archie criticizes Gloria's miniskirt telling her, "to pull that skirt down." Next he gives a speech about men and their long hair. Edith mentions the topic of the sermon while Archie claims it's "socialist propaganda." Mike and Archie quickly disagree on the downfall of society as they're on different sides of the political spectrum. Edith suggests they eat as a diversion. Archie complains about Mike not having a job and still being in college. Gloria complements Mike on his comment about giving all minorities a chance. The women sit at the table while the men continue to debate the issues.

Edith tries to break the men up again. Everything is fine until Gloria and Mike mention that they don't believe in God. This gets Archie all fired up again. He repeatedly tells Edith to "stifle" so that he can make a point. He also prevents anyone else from eating. Mike explains that he and Gloria "don't see any evidence of God." Archie gets mad. Edieth doesn't want any more arguments. Because he's not paying attention to what he's doing Archie burns his hand on the coffee pot and blames Mike. Edith checks on him and suggests that they eat.

All four are finally starting to eat. Gloria waits on them adding that if she needs any help that Mike will join her. Archie cracks that Mike can't help around the house. Mike defends himself by stating that he studies for six hours and is in class for six hours. Archie wants him to get a job. Gloria cries that her and Mike are moving out. Edith begs Archie to apologize. She's afraid for Gloria because she's anemic. She firmly resolves that Mike and Gloria aren't leaving until they can provide for themselves. Archie then calls Mike lazy leading to an argument about how lazy the different races are.

Lionel comes over dressed in a suit with a nicely wrapped gift and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Archie wants to ask Lionel a few questions but Gloria wants Edith to open her gift. Lionel plays around with Archie and his stereotypes by acting like an unintelligent black man. Lionel then states jokingly that he doesn't think that Archie is prejudiced against black people. Lionel and Mike tease Archie about his langauge thinking that he might be Jewish. Archie denies it. Lionel leaves mentioning that he doesn't care whether Archie is Jewish or not.

Archie wants to go upstairs to lay down and watch TV. Edith opens her gift. She received two lace hankies. Archie can't believe the gift is from him. Edith covers him with kisses. She truly appreciates the gift. Edith runs away overcome with emotion from her eloquent card. Mike and Gloria are sitting on the coffee table making out. When Archie makes a comment Gloria runs to her mother. Mike tries to egg Archie into admitting that the card stirred up feelings in him. Mike confesses that he picked out the card. Archie then shooes him away.
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