All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 1

Meet the Bunkers

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1971 on CBS



  • Notes

    • It's rather surprising that here in a pilot many of the series' most popular catch-phrases and/or set-ups begin:
      1. Gloria's mini-skirts.
      2. Archie-ism's.
      3. Archie calling Edith a "Pip".
      4. Referencing Reverend Felcher.
      5. Archie says "Turlet" for toilet.
      6. Archie & Michael's disagreements.
      7. Michael's athiesm.
      8. Archie calling Edith a "Dingbat".
      9. Archie calling Gloria a "Little Goil".
      10. Archie's anti-semitism without realizing he's being anti-semitic.
      11. Archie confusing peopls names (i.e. Feinstein/Feinberg).
      12. Archie's racism without realizing he's being racist.
      13. Lionel acting silly to get the better of Archie without him realizing it.
      14. Archie calling Michael a "Pollack".