All in the Family

Season 1 Episode 7

Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1971 on CBS
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Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit
Just before leaving on a flight to Europe, Mike's hippie friends need a place to stay for the night. Mike invites them to stay in the Bunker's living room, however, Archie objects citing that no unmarried couple will spend the night together under his roof. But a night of arguing begins to take its toll on everyone, as the fighting begins to stretch into the early morning hours.moreless

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  • A couple of Mikes friends need a place to stay for one night before their trip to Europe.

    Mike invited Paul, the best man from his and Gloria's wedding, to spend the night at the Bunkers for one night since Paul needed a place to stay before he goes to Europe. But, now Paul is a hippie and he also brings his old lady, Robin. The two hippies aren't married and so Archie says no way that they are staying under his roof. Pauls friend Jeff, another hippie, shows up to take Paul. But, then can't when he see's Robin there. Paul says that they're is no way a unmarried couple would be able to sleep at his father home. Mike and Gloria end up taking Paul and Robin to the airport, which ends up solving the problem. This isn't one of the best episodes of All in the Family. It still has alot of funny moments. Jeff's few lines to Archie were a riot. I gave this episode 8.4 which is a average (maybe a little below average) episode for All in the family.moreless
Jean Stapleton

Jean Stapleton

Edith Bunker

Rob Reiner

Rob Reiner

Michael Stivic (1971-1978)

Sally Struthers

Sally Struthers

Gloria Stivic (1971-1978)

Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O'Connor

Archie Bunker

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Edith shows Mike and Gloria what is supposedly a group photo, she mentions that it includes the shoulder of a celebrity, but when she briefly flips the photo around so it faces that audience, one can clearly see that it is a head shot of a single person.

    • According to the book Archie & Edith, Mike & Gloria: The Tumultuous History of "All in the Family" by Donna McCrohan, the original title of this episode was "Now That You Know the Way, Let's Be Strangers."

    • Mike did have a best man. In fact, it does look like the same actor who played Paul after becoming a hippie, only cleaned up.

    • In the second last scene, a boom mic is visible in the top left hand corner of your screen.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Paul: You see, Robin thinks that words are a waste of time, so she prefers to communicate with her eyes.
      Archie: (to Robin) Well open up wide and let's hear the Gettysburg Address.

    • Archie: Well in the words of Harry S. Truman, "If it's too hot in the kitchen, stay away from the cook."

    • Mike: You can't even say the word "sex."
      Archie: Sure I can say that word; there's mixed company, and I don't like to use four-letter words in front of women!

    • Mike: You know, you are totally incomprehensible.
      Archie: Yeah, but I make a lot of sense.

    • Archie: Edith, what's the Bible doing on top of the TV set?

      Edith: It keeps falling off the refrigerator.

    • Jeff: Hey, what's happenin', man?
      Archie: I'm havin' a stroke.
      Jeff: Far out. I can dig it. I can really dig that. You must be really spaced out, man.
      Archie: Stop talkin'. You gonna take them two with ya?
      Jeff: Oh, yeah, no sweat.
      Archie: You can start talkin' again.

    • Gloria: Daddy, Paul is not a weirdo, and besides, you used to like him.
      Archie: Yes, I liked him when he was a nice, clean engineerin' student. He used to dream about building bridges and banks. Now he looks like someone who wants to blow'em up.

    • Mike: I happen to be very proud of my Polish heritage.
      Archie: What heritage? You came from a long line of bowling teams.
      Mike: And you came from a long line of boneheads!
      Archie: WHAT?!
      Mike: You think with your mind closed!
      Archie: You eat with your mouth open!
      Mike: You know, you are totally incomprehensible.
      Archie: Maybe so, but I make a lot of sense!

    • Archie: This is a Christian home. Get out.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was videotaped on February 05, 1971.

    • One of the few times Mike and Archie are briefly both on the same side, as Mike and Gloria become increasingly annoyed at Mike's friends' excuses for not accepting Archie's offer of paying for a motel for them to stay in overnight.