All in the Family

Season 2 Episode 9

Mike's Problem

Aired Unknown Nov 20, 1971 on CBS

Episode Recap

Gloria comes into the dining room where Mike is frantically studying and taking notes. She tries to be helpful by serving him a cup of coffee and trying to take papers out of his way, but he snaps at her. Hurt, she comes back after a moment and says that she completely understands about their little "problem." Mike gets even angrier at her. Gloria flounces into the kitchen where Edith is preparing dinner. Edith can tell Gloria is deeply upset, and finally Gloria asks Edith if there was ever a time when she questioned if Archie loved her. It takes a while to get out the issue, but finally Gloria informs Edith that Mike is having performance problems in bed. At that moment, Archie walks in the door and announces that he's home. Archie quickly expresses irritation that the dining room table is not set for supper, and Edith assures him that one night eating in the kitchen won't hurt. Gloria defends Mike as well, which again infuriates him. This time, Gloria snaps back at him, and in the midst of her rage, the telephone rings and she screams "It's for me!" and stomps off to answer it.

Alone in the kitchen, Archie asks Edith what is going on with Mike and Gloria. Edith warns him that he won't want to hear it. Archie presses her to explain, and finally she says quietly that the problem is "sexual" in nature. Archie says in a hushed shout, "I don't like to hear about that there!" and then goes and peeks out suspiciously at Mike after opening the kitchen through-way. Meanwhile, Gloria has made a doctor's for Mike's problem, much to his reluctance.

After Mike's exams are over, Edith makes plans to give Gloria and Mike the house to themselves. Archie has to be coerced, but he finally ends up heading down to Kelsey's. While he is down there, Mike drops by to talk to him. Mike looks for advice from Archie on how to handle his impotence, which he confides that the doctor said was a result of stress. Archie responds in a manner which is insensitive and clichéd, and makes Mike end up feeling worse. Finally, Mike leaves Kelsey's to go home and face Gloria.

Edith is just leaving to join Archie at Kelsey's when Mike opens the front door. She ducks out, and Mike nervously tells Gloria that he's tired. She suggests calmly that he go to bed. Mike says he'd rather stay up and watch some television. He says that there's this terrific movie he's been wanting to see and finds some cheesy thriller in the newspaper when Gloria asks "which one." She is patient and begins to massage his shoulders. Mike at first wonders what she is trying to do, and she offers to stop. He asks her to continue, and finally, he visibly relaxes. Suddenly, he stops her, stands up with her, and kisses her long on the mouth. Smiling at each other, "Mike's problem" is no more.